photo 1The Transfer Center partners with SFSU College of Business, Career Center and Alpha Beta Delta to get out important information to Business and Accounting Students!

On Tuesday, October 29 the Transfer Center, along with the Career Center hosted Dr. Albert Koo, SFSU’s College of Business Director of Student Services in Business, and Doris Fendt, Admissions Representative from San Francisco State University. In a joint effort to make Transfer part of the conversation and to raise awareness at Skyline College, the Transfer Center and Career Center wanted to provide students with the opportunity and access to connect with local Universities. Dr. Koo’s presentation focused on general requirements for admission for students interested in applying as Business majors, what classes students want to make sure they have taken and other ways to stay ahead as they prepare to transfer. Doris Fendt addressed questions regarding general admissions, scholarships, and deadlines students needed to aware of as they considered transferring to San Francisco State University.

Overall, with over 20 students attending the workshop Dr. Koo and Doris Fendt, were fielded with many great questions from students interested in attending SFSU. Presenters also found that students were asking excellent questions and showed considerable knowledge and interest in their goals and hopes to transfer. Skyline College students impressed them and they were excited to be part of helping to make Transfer happen for our students.crap

And on Tuesday, October 8th, the Transfer Center, along with Kappa Beta Delta hosted Dr. Albert Koo to address the recent change in the Accounting Concentration becoming impacted at SFSU. He provided critical information about how students can plan ahead to optimize their chances of being admitted and finishing the program within 2 years after transferring. He also explained the new application requirements for Fall 2014 applicants. Almost 50 students attended and spent over 20 minutes during the question and answer period asking critical questions about how to prepare themselves to transfer as a business major with an accounting concentration.

SFSU is Skyline College’s largest feeder campus and 20% of all transfer students last year were business majors and 10% overall had a concentration in Accounting. By providing students with access to key information, they increase their chances of a successful transfer. Additionally, Albert Koo is a main contact for students when they are attending SFSU, so establishing a relationship with him prior to attending supports their long-term success at achieving their B.S. in Business Administration.

 Article by Suzanne Poma and Michelle Haggar, Photos by Michelle Haggar.