The African Diaspora Program in collaboration with the African American Museum and Library at Oakland and the Skyline College Library, is excited to showcase an exhibit displaying an important piece of California history, Allensworth: An Exhibition of California History.

The exhibit explores the development and historical significance of the unique Central Valley town of Allensworth, which was established in 1908 and founded and governed by African Americans. The exhibit focuses on the impact Allensworth had across California and the United States.

Visit the Skyline College Library to experience the inspiring story of this settlement and the dream of a people to build a place of their own. Allensworth became a model of self-determination, fostering educational and economic opportunities so that African American men and women could transcend race-based limits, and control their own destinies.

The Allensworth Exhibit is currently running through January 2014 and is open to the entire campus as well as the general public, on the following days:

Monday – Thursday: 8am until 9pm

Friday: 8am until 2pm

Saturday: 10am until 2pm

The Library is located in Building 5 on the second floor. Come and visit today!

The African Diaspora Program is part of the Global Learning Initiative at Skyline College. For more information on ADP, please contact Mrs. Pcyeta Stroud at

Article written by Elizabeth Tablan, Pcyeta Stroud, Barbara Daley, and Dennis Wolbers, Image created by Elizabeth Tablan.