Empowerment. Relevance. Innovation. Intentionality. All of these sentiments were present at this year’s Comprehensive Program Review Share Outs, which started with time for the ten programs to engage in conversation with the campus community about their posters, followed by a moderated panel discussion.

Administration of Justice Professor Steve Aurilio eloquently captured the gravity with which we take our positions of privilege and influence, which can be applied beyond his program, “We’re in a position…to shape and inform and guide and nurture, those that are going to be serving us in this critical component of the justice system. And I’ve been honored to be a part of this… I’ve just enjoyed every bit of being able to connect with my students, knowing at some time they may show up at my door if I need help.” Truly we are honored to play a role in students’ lives, and no doubt their efforts will reverberate in the society at large.

Following are some of this cohort’s achievements, which most are engaged in, though some spoke more directly to their efforts. You can view these achievements in their entirety with the recording:

● Increased the number of degrees issued through wrap-around support, online modalities and creation/ revision of local and transfer degrees (Promise Scholars Program, Paralegal, Sociology)

● Reinforced relevance of the program through curricular re-design and partnerships with industry/ colleges/ local government and agencies (Administration of Justice, Chemistry, Kinesiology, Network Engineering Technologies,)

● Created new, innovative programs and interdisciplinary courses (Barbering, Kinesiology, Wellness, Promise Scholars Program’s “Black and Brown Scholars”)

● Responded to students’ needs during the pandemic and post-pandemic (Chemistry’s at-home lab kits)

● Addressed access for underrepresented populations through faculty/staff hiring, programming, and outreach efforts (Barbering, Cosmetology & Esthetics, Network Engineering, Promise Scholars Program)

● In the process of creating Credit for Prior Learning pathways to the degree (Administration of Justice, Network Engineering Technologies)

All programs also noted how they collaborate to support students, both within the College and beyond. Cosmetology Program Coordinator Cassidy Ryan extolled the benefits of these collaborations: “…we’re starting to get our students into those spaces where they can see themselves as well, especially the Black and Brown Scholars…. And that’s empowering to our students.

It tells them that they can do this. They can do more; they can go for more. So we’re working on those collaborations internally to … develop our students, to be more college students as a whole, and working externally to make sure that when they’re out in the world, we’ve prepared them to be there and they’ve got a safe community … that will help them get through their career.”

Please give kudos to this year’s participating CPR programs for their hard work, dedication, and thoughtfulness, and thanks to the Institutional Effectiveness Committee members for supporting these programs and helping to make the event a success!

Article written and photos taken by Karen Wong

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