Following tradition, the Beta Theta Omicron Chapter celebrated the end of the academic year and the end of the 2023/24 term of the 2023/24 officer team at the annual mini convention, BOO-Con.

On Friday, May 3rd, outgoing co-presidents Chel Myint and Me Me Hlaing Oo opened this year’s convention. They welcomed the attending students, faculty, staff, and administrators who supported the BOO chapter in the past year. Dr. Pia Walawalkar delivered a passionate keynote address on the new Honors in Action research topic “The Power of Stories.”

Following the keynote address, the Distinguished Administrator Award was presented to Cherie Colin by chapter officer Princess Eusantos. Then VP of Records Megan White and VP of Community Relations May Han Hnin presented the BOO yearbook, a review of the activities and achievements of the chapter during the 2023/2024 academic year.

During BOO-Con, PTK members and the Skyline Community have the chance to elect the 2024/25 officer team, which will represent Skyline on the local, regional, and international stage. This year, 13 officer candidates presented 90-second speeches in which they talked about what PTK means to them and shared which position they would like to fulfill in the upcoming year. Each candidate then answered two caucus questions from the co-advisors Thanh Nguyen and Dr. Susanne Schubert.

While the conference attendees voted electronically for the new officer team, they also listened to the outgoing officers as they shared their PTK wisdom and reviewed their very personal PTK journeys.

Next, each outgoing officer announced their successor. The new officers are:

● William Wai Phyo Ordoyo Oo: President

● Jia Haria: VP of Honor in Actions

● Yuting Duan: VP of College Project

● Victor Alberto Lino: VP of Community Relations and Leadership

● Nicole Smith: VP of Records

● CJ Dizon: VP of Membership

● Jake Szeto: VP of Scholarship

● Jasmin Khuu: VP of Service

● Mariela Ochoa: VP of Fellowship

● Brandon Khuu: VP of Communications

The new officer team will meet over the summer to start their work. Their primary focus will be to develop a new Honors in Action research question and engage in rigorous academic literature review, create a timeline and distribute responsibilities for workshops in the Fall semester, and get creative by working with the college administration on a new College Project.

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