Psi Beta member Alexandra (Lexi) Szabo is the first person from the Skyline College chapter to present a research poster at a national conference!

Lexi participated in Psi Beta’s National Research Project, which examined variables that influence students’ college performance. These include grit, belongingness, and a sense of purpose and meaning.

Lexi’s research investigated the following:

· Whether or not membership in an Honor Society influenced a student’s sense of belonging on campus.

· Whether or not being a psychology major influences the level of belonging on campus.

Lexi’s research found that Honor Society members scored significantly higher on measures of belongingness compared to non-members. This was not the case for Psychology majors and belongingness.

Examining these relationships is important as previous research indicates that feelings of belongingness may increase student participation, contribute to a supportive environment, and reduce anxiety and loneliness. Understanding these correlations is crucial, as they can provide information about environments where students can thrive and excel.

Lexi presented her poster at the 2024 Western Psychological Association (WPA) conference. WPA was founded in 1921 to stimulate the exchange of scientific and professional ideas and to enhance interest in the processes of research and scholarship in the behavioral sciences. We are thrilled that Lexi was able to contribute to this endeavor!

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