ASTEP Family Night 2014 Phote 1 _10.21.14 On October, 8, 2014, the ASTEP Learning Community celebrated its fall 2014 Family Night with panache! Students, staff, faculty, and administrators who contributed towards the preparations for this event worked diligently, as they were eager to show family and friends why ASTEP has become so pivotal in the Skyline College Community and in their own lives. The assortment of various cuisines on deck encompassed a mélange of cultures within the ASTEP student body. This special event was well attended, but even more important was the collective feeling that all present appreciated this chance to step aside from the usual motions of life in order to bond in solidarity and get informed.

ASTEP Family Night Fall 2014 Photo 2_10.21.14The festivities began with a chance to mingle. Students who had brought along family members had a chance to introduce them to their ASTEP instructors and counselors, and ASTEP faculty, staff, administrators, and allies present had the opportunity to meet those behind the scenes of their students’ lives, students they have strived to empower all semester long. This was followed by a presentation of all faculty, staff, and administrators who support the ASTEP Learning Community and an explanation of each member’s role/s on the Skyline College Campus.

The range of other activities at this affair included a thoughtful explanation of ASTEP’s history and goals by ASTEP Learning Community Coordinator and Associate Professor, Nathan Jones, and an ice breaker where students had a chance to contribute their collective knowledge about the mission of ASTEP and its benefits for students. In addition, Language Arts Program Services Coordinator, Michael Manneh helped students and family members achieve greater awareness about what a learning community is and why and how such cohorts engender student success. This was followed by a culminating break down of specific ways that the ASTEP Learning Community supports students facilitated by ASTEP Counselor and Professor, Kwame Thomas and then a raffle. Last, but certainly not least, attendees finally had a chance to “get their grub on” thanks to the selfless contributions of many in attendance.

This was a heartwarming event that brought those in the ASTEP learning community and their families closer together in their understanding of one another and their motivation to continue supporting our students’ achievement in their uphill climb towards academic victory!

The ASTEP Learning Community welcomes students of all diverse backgrounds to join its ranks and strives to represent the experience of the African American community within Skyline College. For any questions about ASTEP, please feel free to contact ASTEP at 650-738-7037 or visit the program in Building 4.

Article by Chanel Daniels  I  Photos by Nathan Jones