“Wee reed in vairee difrint waez frum hou wee see werdz” – Sam Barclay

learningdisabilitiesdemystifiedThe Disability Resource Center continued its celebration of Disability Awareness Month with Learning Differences Demystified, a tabling event in Building 6 on Tuesday and Wednesday. Students, faculty and staff were able to interact with learning disability (reading and math) simulations and experience how individuals with learning disabilities process information. DRC’s Learning Disability Specialist, Carol Newkirk, was on hand to answer questions about learning disabilities.

The Skyline community also learned that having a learning disability is not a barrier to success. Quotes from successful individuals with dyslexia like Richard Branson, Charles Schwab, Magic Johnson, Erin Brockovich, Keira Knightly, and Whoopi Goldberg were also on display. DRC’s Assistive Technology Specialist, Judy Lariviere, demonstrated iPad apps that promote student success, regardless of disability status. This event was a great opportunity for student, faculty, and staff to engage with DRC staff members and learn about the wide variety of services provided to students.

Disability Awareness Month concludes on October 29, with Colors of the Wind, from 12:10-1:10pm in room 6204.

Article by Melissa Matthews