SACNAS Group 2014At the SACNAS (Advancing Hispanics/Chicanos and Native Americans in Science) Conference on October 16-18, eight Skyline College students presented their original scientific research alongside students from University of Texas, Princeton University, Yale University, University of California, Brown University, Stanford University, and many others. The conference was held in Los Angeles and sponsored by UCLA and USC. Over 4000 graduate and undergraduate students from across the country attended the conference.

Papers were selected for the conference in a competitive judging from abstracts submitted in July. Skyline College students started their research last spring with Christine Case in BIOL 230 or BIOL 690. The students spent the summer in the lab to continue and complete their research. Stephen Fredricks worked with the students to register and prepare them for presenting at a national conference. At the conference, students were knowledgeable and professional, and represented Skyline College well.

All of these students now have their first publication. You can see the students and their posters at Here are their research topics:

  • Photosynthetic Characteristics of Invasive Delairea odorata and Native Coastal Sage Scrub Plants – Jean Luke Campos
  • Evaluation of the Antimicrobial Activity of Rhodiola rosea, a Medicinal Plant – Sweta Sharma and Wafa Zeidan
  • Antimicrobial Properties of a Traditional Medicinal Plant, Lupinus variicolor – Jia Gwee
  • Antimicrobial Properties of a Traditional Medicinal Plant Mimulus aurantiacus – Jackson S. Womack and Keefah Khalil
  • Antibacterial Activity of Coffeeberry (Rhamnus californica), a Traditional Native American Herbal Medicine – Anna Portelli and Jashwin Sagoo

Pictured in the photo are: Top row from left: Jackson Womack, Anna Portelli, Jean Luke Campus, Wafa Zeidan, Keefah Khalil, Front from left: Sweta Swarma, Jia Gwee

Article & Photo by Christine Case