betterhsuRichard Hsu joined the Skyline College community on October 7, as the college’s new Sustainability Coordinator. He is a Fellow with Climate Corps Bay Area (CCBA), a program that matches emerging professionals with projects that mitigate global warming and other environmental challenges.

Richard will coordinate the Sustainability Ambassadors Network (SAN) on campus, a planning group of students, faculty, and staff, who will prioritize sustainability projects on campus in areas such as transportation, waste reduction, energy efficiency, and campus awareness and engagement. Richard recently graduated from the University of San Francisco with a Master of Science in Environmental Management. He also holds a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Systems: Environmental Policy from University of California, San Diego.

Fellows in the CCBA program participate in a comprehensive training program in climate change policy and science, strategies for tackling climate change in large organizations, leadership and career development. The Center for Workforce Development (CWD) worked with Environmental Science and Technology (ENVS) to develop two courses, Climate Protection Professional I & II. The CWD will issue a certificate of participation for the program Fellows for these two courses, combined with Cooperative Education credits for their work at project sites. Other partners include Oakland Unified High School District, San Jose and County of San Mateo Energy Watch, Sierra Business Council, and others.

To find out more about participation in the Sustainability Ambassador’s Network (with a 2013-2014 kickoff meeting in the works for November or December), contact Richard Hsu at or (650) 738-7044 or Carina Anttilla-Suarez at or (650) 738-4217.

Article and Photo by Aaron Wilcher.