The Internship Job Shadow Program is excited to welcome its newest class of eight motivated student interns. Through this program, student interns are provided the opportunity to shadow under college programs of their interest and experience a variety of work-based learning outcomes.

Along with learning 21st century job skills, student interns have the opportunity to experience a number of innovative events on campus and throughout the community. Student interns have access to a variety professional development opportunities, on and off campus, as well. This program also provides students with the tools needed to build their professional network and build their resume.

The Internship Job Shadow Program focuses on the development of essential workforce skills such as customer service, critical thinking, time management, marketing, professionalism and basic organization skills.

Each semester brings an opportunity to recruit a new team of student interns. For information on our Spring Internship Program, please visit our website. For more information about BAEC or the Internship Job Shadow Program, in general, contact Pcyeta Stroud at

The Internship Job Shadow Program is supported by the President’s Innovation Fund.

Article by Terri Wade | Photo by Linda Truong



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