On Tuesday Oct. 17, the Respiratory Care Program had their 2nd Bi-Semester Meet & Greet event for Respiratory Care program students.

This event fosters fellowship between the first and second year students of the program, which gives the first year students some insight as to what’s ahead, and gives the second year students teaching and mentoring opportunities.

The theme of this party was Halloween. Students were dressed in costumes such as Superman, minions, an evil queen, museum of ice cream, and Eazy-E which won the costume contest.

At this party, the first year students provided their predecessors with delicious homemade food including lumpia, pupusas, lasagna, pork wontons, pork sisig, and peach cobbler.

They also played games such as mummy wrap, a game that involved students wrapping teachers: Dr. Ijaz Ahmed and Ray Hernandez in streamers as much as possible within one minute, then it was the teachers’ turns to wrap the students!

The winners of the games were awarded Starbucks gift-cards and candies. Luke Markus, a second year Respiratory Care Student, said “I loved how festive everyone was in their costumes. Good food and fun games!”

Article by Dr. Ijaz Ahmed


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