students visit youtubeOver the summer, in addition to planning workshops, events and programs, the Career Services Center and Skyline College’s Chess Club took a tour of YouTube! Our gracious host, John Angelo, led Lavinia and Alessandra Zanassi, Brian Jenney, Julien Goavec and a small group of students around the San Bruno-based company’s sprawling offices where they learned about different careers and internships within the company.

YouTube’s employees represent nearly every major and degree (not just computer science) and John encouraged those interested in working there to apply themselves, develop their critical thinking skills and discover ways they can contribute to our increasingly interconnected community: whether it be through marketing, programming, art, or writing.

We hope to have John visit Skyline College as a guest speaker in the near future and inspire our students as much as he inspired us!

We encourage all students to visit the Career Services Center in Building 1, Room 1219B for help planning their career, creating a resume or cover letter and staying informed about the dynamic programs we have planned for the Fall Semester. Career On!

Article by Brian Jenney