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Former Men’s Basketball Players Selected in the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) Draft

Austria draft Simon Enciso (Terra Nova HS) and Alli Austria (St. Ignatius HS) realized their dreams on August 23, 2015 when they were chosen in the PBA Draft.  Simon was the 17th overall pick in the draft and Alli was drafted in the 5th round.

Simon and Alli received considerable media coverage leading up to the draft.  Here is a link to an interview on CNN Philippines:

The San Mateo Daily Journal also printed an article this week which can be found Draft Dayhere:

Both young men competed for Skyline College from 2009-2011.  Simon continued his career at Notre Dame de Namur University and Alli continued his career at San Francisco State University.

Article by Justin Piergrossi

Coaches Available to Help You Strengthen Your Assessment Game!

SLOAC CoachesWhether you’re new to student learning outcomes (SLO) assessment or been a member of your department’s team for years, seasoned players are available to coach you to achieve your potential. At this point, you’ve assessed all of your courses and/or programs, though you may feel dissatisfied with the process. Perhaps the SLOs don’t fully capture the core elements of the course and/or program; perhaps the assessment itself doesn’t reflect the core knowledge and skills you hold students accountable to; perhaps it’s not clear what to do with the results; perhaps you need a refresher on how to use TracDat…however you’d like to strengthen your SLO assessment game, SLOAC coaches are available to help you to strategize. Learn how to make assessment authentic, sustainable, worth your time, and most importantly— with the students’ best interests in mind. Be empowered to field the best team possible.

Please contact Coordinator of Institutional Effectiveness Karen Wong at x4369 if you’d like to take advantage of this opportunity, and/ or any of the coaches in the photo.

Photo: (bottom, l. to r.) Karen Wong, Lucia Lachmayr (LA), Sarita Santos (BEPP), Lorraine DeMello (COUN/ SS); (top, l. to r.) Chris Gibson (LA), Tiffany Schmierer (SS/CA), Christine Hansell (SS/CA), Guillermo Ortiz (BEPP), Adam Windham (SMT); (Not pictured) Nick Kapp (SMT)

Article by Karen Wong

Skyline College Library Highlights Important Collections

Vote Library Book DisplaySuffrage and skin are the related topics of two new book displays at Skyline College Library.

American women vote! marks 95 years this month since the 19th amendment guaranteed women the right to vote. Most of us know about Susan B. Anthony, but what about Sojourner Truth or Ida B. Wells? Victoria Woodhull and the spiritualist movement? Don’t forget those who opposed the female vote. Biographies, histories, personal narratives are available for check out. Voter registration applications are also available for citizens of any gender.

Skin : across the disciplines illustrates the many ways that skin plays out across American life. From biology, cosmetology and psychology to all-important issues of race and skin color. The Library has a rich collection on this topic. Read up!

Students, staff, adjunct and regular faculty alike are invited to apply for a free Peninsula Library System (PLS) library card. Applications are always available at the Library Check Out Desk.

Article by Jessica Silver-Sharp

Bay Area Entrepreneur Center (BAEC) Hosts Co-working Day

BAEC ClassroomThe Bay Area Entrepreneur Center (BAEC) of Skyline College hosts monthly Co-working Days, our latest event was held on Tuesday, August 18. Over twenty budding entrepreneurs spent the day co-working, networking and participated in discussions with business owners.  During the event, Cliff Moss, BAEC’s in-house adjunct professor gave a presentation on the BAEC and the benefits of becoming a member.

The Co-working day also featured a guest speaker, Jeff Faust, Director of Valuation Services with the accounting firm, Abbot, Stringham & Lynch.  Jeff, who is a Certified Valuation Analyst, focused on early-stage startup valuation models and how to determine their company value. He also discussed the models and terms of common stock values.

Co-working Days are held the third Tuesday of every month.  Be on the lookout for future seminars including the “business starts here” kick-off event.

Logon to and check out all the opportunities for entrepreneurs! For more information on the BAEC, contact Raul Guerra, 650-825-6840.

This event was co-sponsored by Idea-to-Ipo.

Article by Raul Guerra | Photo by Pcyeta Stroud

Beta Theta Omicron Brings STEM to Boys and Girls Club

Children in classroomSkyline College’s Phi Theta Kappa officers developed a summer science program for precollege students. The research that the students did earlier this year showed early exposure to STEM activities positively impacts elementary students’ perceptions of science. And college students can inspire and motivate to precollege students to achieve higher goals. During the summer, Sam Reveles, Karen Lai, Donway Sy, Jose Campos, Akayi Thein, Spencer Wu, Justin Tom, and Michael Wong brought science labs to the Boys & Girls Club. The kids especially enjoyed ice cream science (photo).

Our students are doing a remarkable job: helping people and representing the College. If you have students looking for community service or just wanting to contribute to society, please encourage them to contact our Phi Theta Kappa chapter Vice-president of Operations Donway Sy.

Article by Christine Case | Photo by Pauline Maccay

International Student Program (ISP) Welcomes More International Students!

ISP OrientationSkyline College has received more than 70 new international students this fall! Not only is this the largest number we have ever received for one semester, this new group is bringing in more diversity to the campus than ever before. The fall new international students are coming from over 30 countries. Majority of the students are from East Asia and South East Asia, such as China, Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam and Thailand. The rest is from Middle East, Europe, Africa, North America, Central America and South America, including countries such as Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Sweden, Canada and Brazil.

The new students gathered for the four-day orientation held from August 4 -7, 2015. The orientation included variety of activities and presentations, placement tests and counseling, and a field trip to Great America. Seven orientation leaders took a leading role in many of the activities held during the orientation. Our orientation leaders represented five different countries, the orientation leaders are current Skyline international students who volunteered their time for the event. They shared their knowledge and experiences as Skyline international students in presentations, mingled with new students during the ice breakers and meals, and provided a tour around the campus. Having the current international students involved in the orientation certainly made the event more engaging and fun. One new international student from Moldova commented, “I came from another community college, but they did not provide an orientation like this. This is really nice!” Another new student from Singapore wrote to the ISP office to let us know that she had “a lot of fun at the orientation”.

ISP will continue to provide services and programs for international students as well as for the entire Skyline community. If you are interested in learning more about future ISP programs and events, contact ISP office at or call (650) 738-7021.

Article by Chikako Walker | Photo by Claudia Paz

The Next Generation of Learning with Dr. Mark David Milliron  

Mark MillironOn Wednesday, August 12, the CTTL organized its first-ever pre-semester professional development day featuring nationally known guest speaker, Dr. Mark David Milliron. Dr. Milliron is best known as a champion for education opportunity and beginning conversations on innovation. During his presentation, Dr. Milliron initiated conversations about the changing face of education. He provided issues and insights from research and practice on a wide variety of topics, including action analytics as a way to guide students towards success.

In the beginning of the presentation, Dr. Milliron illustrated through the “sexy or sneaky” hand exercise that, although difficult, it is vital to begin the discussion about addressing the diverse needs of students. This discussion should take into account the challenges of providing educational professionals the tools and training they need to meet students’ needs.

With the growing diversity of teachers and students, Dr. Milliron discussed the importance of delivering accountability analytics to faculty to help with students’ retention and success. Milliron compared accountability analytics to a doctor receiving medical history about the patient, whereas in the situation of a student, faculty would receive the student’s educational background in order to guide the student to meet his or her goal. By having as many resources available, educational professionals can use this additional information to make a positive impact on a student’s likelihood to graduate on time.

If you missed Dr. Milliron’s thought-provoking presentation, the CTTL hosts other influential guest speakers and also offers professional development workshops throughout the year. To learn more about professional development workshops and other activities CTTL provides, please bookmark The Center for Transformative Teaching & Learning Calendar. Questions about upcoming workshops, please contact or Nina Floro at ext. 4414.

Article by Liezl Madrona | Photo by Claudia Paz

Skyline College Study Abroad, Cuba: Success!

Cuba Study Abroad StudentsSkyline College’s first faculty-led, short term Study Abroad trip occurred July 31-Aug 11, 2015.  Led by Skyline College History Professor, John Ulloa, the trip was comprised of 14 Skyline College students and one College of San Mateo Student.  All student participants earned 3 units of credit by enrolling in  SOSC 680SB, Life and Culture of the Local Area – Cuba.  Trip highlights included lecture presentations and discussions with Cuban intellectuals including architect/urban planner Miguel Coyula, a discussion on contemporary race relations with Gisela Arandia as well as private music performances by Pablo Melendez and Grupo Mezcla and the top Afro-Cuban folkloric group, Los Muñequitos de Matanzas.  There will be a 2016 trip in early summer.  Please contact John Ulloa or Zaid Ghori for more information.

Article by John Ulloa

Stretching And Growing in the Skyline College Cosmetology Department

Cosmo Orientation“You have to stretch and grow,” says Ms. Kym Jackson, Coordinator of Skyline College Cosmetology department.  And that is exactly what is happening: growth in the cosmetology, esthetics and wellness programs.  How is it happening?  A team of instructors, instructional aides and support staff have helped achieve the department’s goal to increase student enrollment for the academic year.  The result of that hard work was evident on Saturday, August 15th, when more than one hundred registered students attended the orientation for the fall 2015 semester.  It has been a concerted effort of high school outreach, community events and college involvement to get the word out about the career preparation, exploration, and training offered by the department.  Ms. Jackson’s theme for the department this semester is reflective practices, or “seeing change as an opportunity.”

Looking around the auditorium at the new students who were buzzing with excitement one thing was crystal clear: the educational community must adjust to the influx of new learners.  The orientation began with an introduction from Ms. Jackson to the leadership team that will serve them at the Salon & Spa at Skyline College. She reminded the students and staff that critical thinking is first and foremost necessary to empower and transform a global community of learners.  That is one element of the mission statement that drives the vision of our College President, Dr. Regina Stanback-Stroud. It takes a diverse community of educators and learners to bring that goal to fruition.

Ms. Jackson introduced the educational staff who will be supporting and teaching this semester. Each member shared their work experience history and background knowledge with the incoming freshmen.  For instance, Dr. Ronda Wimmer, Professor of Massage Therapy and Wellness, curriculum development and assessment coach, shared learning tips that if used will help students to be better prepared for the rigorous study of the sciences that is taught in all of the programs.  “Students must know how they learn best,” she said, “and with that understanding create study notes of lectures in such a way that will cause the information to go into long term memory.” Also, Professor Danielle Powell of the Language Arts-Communications Studies department, captivated the students as she discussed the amazing work taking place on campus—connecting global learners in Africa and Central America through the Mentoring Program for women at Skyline.

As the students moved out of the auditorium and into the state of the art beauty and wellness career facilities, they received their uniforms, supplies, and time clock codes. Every semester some new technology or educational technique appears in the department. This time it was a fingerprint time clock to streamline and replace an archaic record keeping process of paper time tickets. The new students seemed to be excited to begin their career in one of the following:  cosmetology, esthetics, message therapy and wellness.  So, if you are on campus and want to see where the stretching and growing is really happening, stop by any one of our programs and get a massage, facial or hair service. We would love for you to experience what we have to offer.

Article by Evette Carpenter

Global Learning Programs and Services Sends 8 Skyline Students to Teach English in Antigua, Guatemala.

Guatemala group pic The African Diaspora and District Study Abroad programs, housed at the Division of Global Learning Programs and Services, sent eight Skyline College students to teach English to elementary school students in Antigua, Guatemala from August 1 – 8, 2015. This Service Learning Program was the capstone project for the students who participated in the African Diaspora Mentorship Program, and was conducted in partnership with New Zealand-based International Volunteer HQ. The Service Leaders for the program were Communication Professor Danielle Powell and Program Services Coordinator Alina Din.

Students in GuatemalaFor many of the students, it was their first time traveling out of the country, and for some, first time even flying on an airplane! The students and their two faculty leaders resided in a homestay with a very friendly and loving host, Doña Maria. Every morning, the students enjoyed chilly, low-pressure showers and a hot Guatemalan breakfast before boarding their shuttle to teach students aged 4-12 how to read and write in English. The experience was indeed life-changing and eye-opening for our students.  After her fourth day teaching, Dominique Bill reflected, “School is a luxury here because even elementary school students need to work to help support their families. If a student drops out of school in Guatemala, no one cares. It makes me realize how good we have it in States!”

The Service Learning Program was also instrumental in helping other students of Central American origin feel more connected to their roots. Yuffita Palacios spoke of how much closer this experience made her feel with her parents: “Having parents who hail from Central America, this connected me to their history and how their past life was for them – it fills me with a sense of pride I can’t describe. All the stories my parents told me, I’ve seen them come to life here. My parents always wanted me to know about our culture and to see how far they have come. This program was a like a revelation.”

Despite only being in Guatemala for one week, the students developed close bonds with the young children they taught and came out of the program with a new sense of independence, fearlessness, and renewed hopes for the future. For Stephanie Allen, it helped define future goals and taking advantage of current opportunities. “[This program] has shown me that I 100% want to work with kids now, and there is nothing that can get in my way except my own fears. For people in Guatemala, it’s really hard to move up in society. In the U.S., there’s so much help you can get even if you’re not wealthy.

To read the daily accounts of our students’ service learning experience in Guatemala, please check out the blog at

To learn more about future Study Abroad and Service Learning Programs, please visit the District Study Abroad website at

Article and Photo by Alina Din