Strategic Partnership and Workforce Development Welcomes First Year Promise ScholarsOn Wednesday, August 7, 2019, Dean Andrea Vizenor and the Strategic Partnership and Workforce Development team warmly welcomed over 200 first year Promise Scholars. The day was filled with interactive sessions, raffles and even a jumbo-sized word search, all aimed at introducing students to many of the services the new department has to offer.

To help students get ready for the workforce, Laura DeKelaita and Steven Lopez signed students up on the spot for LinkedIn Learning. Strategic Partnership and Workforce Development was able to provide subscriptions to the scholars for the online platform which provides over 5000 expert-led courses to discover and develop business, technology and creative skills.

In addition to LinkedIn Learning sign-ups, students participated in other dynamic activities. Jose Milan led the Resume Puzzle session that challenged students with a puzzle designed to introduce the essential parts of a resume and discover how to tailor one to a specific job.

Finally, Elsa Jimenez-Samayoa assisted with Interview Jenga where students practiced answering common interview questions with their peers, all while playing a game of Gigantic Jenga. The Jenga teams with the highest towers were awarded prizes.

The high energy event was organized by Program Services Coordinators, Steven Lopez, Laura DeKelaita and Michele Haggar, and was supported by previous Promise Scholars volunteers.

Article by Elsa Jimenez-Samayoa | Photo by Tia Samn & Steven Lopez

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