Razon Science Lecture Series

There was another successful meeting of the Science in Action Lecture Series on Wednesday, September 25th with a full house of around eighty attendees, including students, faculty, and visitors. Lisa Razon is a former Skyline College student who transferred to UC Santa Cruz last year to work in the field of scientific research. She is part of UC Santa Cruz’s STEM diversity fellowship, and she is currently doing research on genetics with Professor Grant Hartzog. Razon credits her passion for biological sciences specifically to Skyline College’s inspiring and supportive science faculty; particularly Professor Shari Bookstaff, Dr. Nick Kapp, and MESA Director Stephen Fredricks.

Razon Group Science Lecture Series

She shared some valuable advice with the students in attendance, telling them to “experience research, talk to your professors, use MESA resources, volunteer in student chapters, and expand your horizons.” Her final priceless piece of advice was to actually read the textbooks for each course. The students enjoyed and appreciated her experience and advice. The Science Lecture Series meets every Wednesday at 4:30 p.m. in room 7-106. It is always free and open to the public.

Article by Alana Utsumi and Carmen Velez. Photographs by Carmen Velez.