Tuesday, October 10, 2017 was a day for exploration and Skyline College students certainly took advantage of it!

The Career Services Center hosted their now annual Meet Your Majors fair to assist students in major and career exploration as part of our work to assist students with major declaration. Students had the opportunity to directly engage with instructional faculty and staff members about the many opportunities within majors that lead to careers.

With over 25 majors represented by our colleagues, students had the unique opportunity to explore the myriad of majors such as Accounting, Anthropology, Allied Health Science, Art, Business, Biology, Dance, Fashion Merchandising, Geology, History, Journalism, Mathematics, Physics, Psychology, and many more. The event gave students a first-hand look at majors within careers such as Bio Tech, Network Engineering, Respiratory Care and Surgical Tech, International Trade Development, Digital Media, Cosmetology, Construction Management, and Kinesiology.

Additionally, as part of the event’s goals, representatives from various learning communities and student service programs—the Bay Area Entrepreneurs Center (BAEC), Career Advancement Academy (CAA), Study Abroad, CIPHER, Global Learning Programs and Services, the Transfer Center, and Career and Workforce Development program, which provided information in Career Technical Education, Hospitality and Tourism Management, and Career Pathways—attended to highlight the resources and support services available to students as they continue to work towards their academic and professional goals.

Truly, the event led to major exploration as some students shared that, “I found a career to major in. it was awesome!” and that “there are more majors in my field than I thought!”

Others discovered that “…connections are important” and that “…Skyline College offers many opportunities to help with your education”.

For some students, the event gave them the chance to engage with faculty and even their peers who attended the fair as representatives of their programs. One student shared that they learned the “…foundation needed for…” their career, and that “there are a lot of classes that overlap within in careers.”

The event also served as a tool to confirm what some students had an idea of in terms of their career choice. For example, one student shared that the event helped confirm “the path I am on is so far correct and that I should meet with a counselor.”

Student participants in the event were also provided an opportunity to participate in a drawing for three backpacks full of school supplies generously donated by Chad Thompson, Director SparkPoint and Career Services and gift certificates and USBs donated by Kevin Chak, manager of our Bookstore.

Overall, the event was well attended and a success!

Special thanks to Pacific Dining, SparkPoint, Marketing, Career Services staff, faculty, and student assistants for supporting every part of the event.

Article by Michele Haggar | Photo credit: Kevin Perez

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