libros art“One picture is worth ten thousand words” (Chinese Proverb), but sometimes art can depict a single meaningful word.

The inaugural 2020 In Libros ART (Art with Books) installation at the Skyline College Library is from Teresa Cuniff’s ART 301 – Two-Dimensional Design. In “The Adverb Collage”, students were asked to use abstract shapes to convey the essence of a chosen adverb.

ART 301 focuses on the elements of line, shape, texture, value, color and spatial illusion in two-dimensional (flat) design. In this project, students explored “utilizing Gestalt Grouping Effects such as similarity, proximity, continuation or line of direction and containment” to assist in bringing the feeling of the word to the forefront.

Gestalt is a psychology principle, stating that humans tend to see objects in patterns whether or not those patterns exist and this precept can be used in art to transmit specific ideas. Using a medium of black paper collage, student artists used geometric and organic shapes in an abstract composition to express the spirit of their chosen adverb.

When we return to campus, take a minute to stop and see how Jeremy A., Allison D., Zoe C., Eric C., Ku H., Francis C. and Stephen S.C. brought Beautifully, Furiously, Hopelessly, Mysteriously, Queerly, Rapidly, and Sadly to life. You may find one that connects to something you are feeling.

Article by Chris Burwell-Woo | Photo by Ashley Asaro

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