trioOn Friday, May 8, 2020, TRiO hosted a virtual End of Year Celebration to recognize and celebrate the success of 40 graduates and/or transfers and another 26 TRiO Scholarship recipients who received $26,000 in TRiO aid.  Many of the students were featured in the TRiO Profile Yearbook, which can be viewed here.

The event was not only a celebration of student success, but of the TRiO community. Students, staff and faculty rejoiced in the resilience, persistence, motivation and drive of TRiO students powering through the pandemic and succeeding in the change to online education. Working solely in an online world demonstrated how the TRiO community supported one another and showcased the interdependence of students, staff and faculty.  The community was mutually beneficial as TRiO continued to grow through the identities, impact and sharing of students, while students benefitted from TRiO service, expertise and love. It is best expressed through student and faculty voices:

“Having TRiO as part of my educational and personal life gave me the strength to face my hindrance, to move forward and to achieve my goals in life. TRiO is not just a program, it is a family consisting of nice people who are willing to do their best to help you when needed.”  – Anne Marizz Onte, Graduating Student and Transfer

“TRiO is the key to my success at Skyline College providing me with endless amounts of resources and support.” – April Hubert, TRiO Club President and Scholarship Recipient

“My overall experience at TRiO was a positive one because it gave me the structure I needed to be successful in college. I built trust with the people who worked with me every step of the way and felt like I was in good hands and had great guidance to help me in college. If it wasn’t for TRiO, I’m not sure I would be transferring right now, but now I have the confidence to accomplish even more than I originally set out for.”  – Brianna Alvarado, Graduating Student, Transfer and Scholarship Recipient

“Throughout my time at Skyline College, I have extensively used TRiO services to my benefit. During this challenging time facing COVID-19, TRiO has provided me with a community and copious information regarding different forms of assistance available to students.” – Christopher Wardell, Scholarship Recipient

“TRiO has provided not only resources but also guidance on my journey in higher education. Utilizing TRiO aided in my success and helped me network with like-minded individuals that I am proud to have built friendships with as we are all on the same journey toward a brighter future. I’m also looking at you Brothers Achieving Milestones (BAM)!”  – Timothy Wong, Graduating Student, Transfer and Scholarship Recipient

“TRiO provides comprehensive support from warm, engaging professionals who will follow you closely through your college trajectory to achieve your goals.” – Jacquie Espino, TRiO Staff Assistant

“TRIO, putting the community in community college.” –  Janelle Reza, TRiO Counselor

“TRiO is a community where we provide access and opportunity for growth, personally and professionally.” – Brianna Clay, TRiO Counselor

“The TRiO program primarily aims to encourage and support adults who want to pursue post-secondary education, but who may be financially disadvantaged.“ – Eugene Garcia (Mr. G), TRiO Instructional Aid

The TRiO Program is honored to have served a dynamic group of students destined to overcome the obstacles before them and chart a future of hope, accomplishment and legacy.  Our TRiO Achievers represent the best of Skyline College and the future of this nation.

Article by Michael Stokes

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