Skyline College’s Engineering Tech Scholars STEM pathway program received an honorable mention for the 2017-18 Exemplary Program Award that recognizes outstanding community college programs! This Board of Governors award, sponsored by the Foundation for California Community Colleges, recognized our ETS program, and presented them with a plaque at the Board of Governors meeting.

Since this year’s theme was “guided pathways,” the Academic Senate was particularly proud to nominate our campus for their outstanding support for STEM student scholars, particularly for their accomplishments in improving the success rates of students who have been underrepresented in STEM majors.

Congratulations to Dean Hernandez and our SMT / ETS Faculty on their exemplary service to students!

ETS Learning Community

Engineering and Tech Scholars (ETS) is an accelerated learning community designed to support students in Engineering, Computer Science, and Biotechnology pathways. Part of the Silicon Valley Engineering Tech Pathways project, ETS students are enrolled in accelerated Mathematics courses to establish foundational skills necessary to succeed in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering fields of study.

Through supportive group-based learning, hands-on and team-based design projects, and introduction to advanced manufacturing techniques in a brand new state-of-the-art Fabrication Laboratory, students advance from entry-level mathematics through intermediate Science, Engineering and Technology courses. ETS prepares students for an Associate of Science Degree in the Engineering and Tech pathways, transfer to university, and provides manufacturing experience to prepare students for internships in the Silicon Valley and San Francisco Tech industries.

Article by Amber Steele

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