Regina Stanback StroudSkyline College President, Dr. Regina Stanback Stroud was selected as a winner of the Ella Hill Hutch award by the Black Women Organized for Political Action (BWOPA). Each year, the award honors several dynamic civically engaged women leaders across the state.

According to the award nominators, “Dr. Regina Stanback Stroud [was] selected as the San Francisco/Peninsula Chapter Ella Hill Hutch Award recipient because of her tireless work and extraordinary vision on behalf of students, faculty and staff of the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond…Regina is a loving, courageous, hero who continues to give of her time and talents to make the San Francisco Bay Area better and the chapter is honored to select her as our Recipient for 2016.”

Founded in 1968, BWOPA understands that everything that affects the quality of life is in most ways political. Therefore, BWOPA’s primary goal is to educate, train, and involve as many African American women as possible in the political process. Today, BWOPA is a statewide 501c4 non-profit advocacy and membership organization.

BWOPA’s mission is to activate, motivate, promote, support, and educate African-American women about the political process, encourage involvement, and to affirm their commitment to, and solving of, those problems affecting the African-American community.

BWOPA’s purpose is to:

  • Provide leadership, training and mentoring to insure participation in the political process;
  • Developing long-range strategies to insure representation of African Americans within the political spectrum;
  • Articulate collective positions on issues affecting African Americans;
  • Develop collaborative linkages with other political organizations; and
  • Preserve and chronicle the political experience of African American women in California.

Article by Connor Fitzpatrick