sony imageworks logoOn Dec 18, 2015, Yvonne Reid, CITD Director and Deputy Sector Navigator for Global Trade and Logistics visited Sony Studios in Culver City, California to build upon regional collaborations to develop curriculum and internships for college students. The participants included faculty, other DSNs for other CTE sectors of K-14 Pathways Technical Assistance Providers (TSAs) and small business employers.

Sony Pictures Producers, Keith Vidger and Jaclynne Gentry, welcomed California Community Colleges, K-14 educators, and state-wide CITD Directors to Studio 7 to share the latest digital technology in the Digital Motion Picture Center. This was part of a long-term commitment Sony has made to strengthen ties between the film and the K-14 education community.

Sony guests toured television sets and operated industrial cameras used to film major motion pictures, TV shows, and industry artists. Sony shared how they reinvest money from the industry and give back to the people who support them. In addition, they offer free classes to the learning community, faculty, and students through downloadable curriculum from their website.

The Center for International Trade Development (CITD) is hosted at Skyline College and it is part of the Global Learning Programs and Services Division. To learn more about Bay Area CITD, upcoming events, and its activities please visit the CITD website.

Article by Alina Din