The Child Development Lab Center paid a visit to the Cosmetology department and they had an absolute blast! The children from the preschool room ages 2-5 were able to sit in the salon chairs, put on the hair-cutting capes and some even got their hair styled by the Cosmetology students. Some received braids, others ponytails and buns and many children left feeling like “Elsa”. Many Cosmetology students enjoyed the experience and exclaimed how different and exciting it is to work on a child’s hair. The children were excited to see the doll heads the students were working on, especially since they have their own dolls with hair they can work on at their school. After they received their new “do”, they were able to pretend to wash their hair in the washing sinks. Back in their classroom, the children could play, wash, style, and brush their own dolls and doll head.

The Child Development Lab Center is located in Building 14 and offers both a toddler room and preschool room. Feel free to contact the director at (650) 738-7070 for more information.

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