Trio Spotlight Griselda ErazoThe Skyline College SSS Program is proud to recognize the outstanding accomplishments of this month’s TRiO Student Spotlight: Griselda Erazo.

A word from Griselda:

“My name is Griselda Erazo and I am a TRiO ambassador. Currently, I also serve as the TRiO Club President and Secretary for the Latin American Student Organization, another student club on campus.  For three years now, I have been part of the TRiO program at Skyline College. TRiO has helped me tremendously and I have gained so much knowledge as a result of my participation and involvement with the program; TRiO has shaped me into a responsible and successful college student. I am a Zoology major and hope to transfer to San Diego State University by fall 2015.   I hope to one day work with large animals such as giraffes and elephants.”

As part of her outreach, Griselda and the rest of our TRiO Ambassadors will also liaise each of your programs and will be consigned various support programs whose missions complement the focus of TRiO, as guided by the United States Department of Education. Please do not hesitate to reserve a presentation to your classroom or program by any one of our outstanding TRiO Ambassadors. To reserve a classroom presentation today, please email our Ambassador Coordinator—Arielle Smith—at For other queries or possible opportunities for collaboration, please contact the Interim TRiO Director—Arash Daneshzadeh—at

Article by Arash Daneshzadeh