funnelback screen shotAs a part of our overall Promise Redesign, the Skyline College website is getting a brand new search engine beginning Monday, September 18.

The new engine, called FunnelBack, will give students, faculty and staff a vastly improved search experience. With this new tool, our campus and community will now be able to quickly find and sort any information within our site.

The advanced search function allows students to filter by professor, degrees, pdf, class schedule, etc. The best way to see everything our new search has to offer is to visit and start using it.

The more that people use the tool, the more helpful data it will provide which we’ll use to analyze trends and statistics and ultimately provide a better, more cohesive experience to students.

With the FunnelBack implementation, we are driving forward in our mission to help students find the materials and the resources they need to graduate and succeed.


Article by Brian Collins


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