LacSuwithClassOn Wednesday evening, Paula Silva’s English 100 students carpooled to Cañada college instead of going to their usual 6:00 p.m. class in building 8.  The idea that they would meet the author of the book they recently read and wrote about was intriguing, but the reality of listening to him and meeting him turned out to be mesmerizing, a definite highlight of the semester.

Lac Su, author of the memoir I Love Yous are for White People, sat alone on the stage of the Main Theater and shared quietly and candidly about his life as a Vietnamese refugee seeking love and belonging in his volatile home and surrounding Los Angeles neighborhoods. After his talk, Su spent an intimate moment with every student who stood in line to have their book personally signed—this was a thrilling first for most students (The bookstore will NOT be getting those treasured books back!).

Skyline College students were one of the largest groups in attendance and shone beautifully at this event.

Article by Paula Silva.