Skyline College hosted its first ever Student Success Conference on Saturday, April 7, 2018.

The Student Success Conference is designed to motivate students in their education and engage them in their campus community. The event began with a welcoming speech by Student Success Counselor and Coordinator, Alberto Santellan who helped students recognize that the challenges they may be facing are not uncommon and Skyline College has support programs to help overcome these challenges. Next was a welcome by Skyline College President, Dr. Regina Stanback Stroud who shared her own educational story which resonated with many students in attendance.

As the conference moved on, students attended two of four workshops which included: A Journey to Motivation facilitated by Carina Avalos and Alejandra Tovar, Breakthroughs to Success facilitated by Liz Llamas, The Student Success Student Panel facilitated by Raymon Gutierrez, Samantha Arban, Alexis Cancio, and Javier Montiel, and How to Get More Things Done facilitated by Kent Gomez.

“The ideas and strategies I learned from the Student Success Student Panel is to not think that I’m never going to finish school, just because my friends might have already finished and to not give up in school. Also, to get close to my counselor since they have a big impact with getting through school.” A student participant said.

Following the workshops students had lunch and engaged in a Campus Resource Fair. The Campus Resource Fair programs in attendance included: SparkPoint, The Disability Resource Center, Psychological Services, Guardian Scholars Program, Financial Aid, The Career Center, Learning Communities, Associated Students of Skyline College, The Learning Center, The Transfer Center, TriO, and The Woman’s Mentoring Leadership Program. As students ate lunch and participated in the Campus Resource Fair, 106.1 KMEL played music in the background creating an energizing feeling at the event.

The day transitioned into a keynote speech by Skyline College’s very own, Lasana Hotep. His message included the importance of education and how employers don’t disqualify students because they have a college degree. Hotep’s message quickly caught the student’s attention and it was evident many were moved and motivated by his speech.
As the event came to an end, students made a follow up counseling appointment with their counselor and participated in a drawing, prizes included movie tickets donated by 106.1 KMEL, gas cards donated by Financial Aid, and a Transfer Bag donated by The Transfer Center.

As students are in the midst of the spring 2018, many students in attendance are more aware of the campus resources available to them at Skyline College, feel more confident pursuing their educational goals, and the information and ideas from the conference will have a positive impact on their education this semester and in the future.
“The ideas and strategies I learned from A Journey to Motivation is to always remember why I started school again & to believe in myself.” A student participant from the Journey to Motivation workshop said.

This event could not have been possible without the support of the Student Success Team that includes Kwame Thomas, Anna Nguyen, Liliana Rivera, and Alberto Santellan. Workshop facilitators that include Carina Avalos and Alejandra Tovar, Liz Llamas, Raymon Gutierrez, Samantha Arban, Alexis Cancio, Javier Montiel, and Kent Gomez. Dean of Student Equity & Support Programs, Lasana Hotep. Student Success and Support Programs Coordinator, Grace Beltran. Student Assistants and Ambassadors Kathleen Robledo, Dominique Bryant-Bruce, Athena Mendoza, Samantha Tong, Calvonnia Kelly, Webster Cruz, and Erlinda Ojeda. Campus Resource Fair Representatives. Multimedia Coordinator, Roger Marcello and Bookstore Manager Kevin Chak.

Article by Alberto Santellan | Pictures by Alberto Santellan and Grace Beltran

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