Psychology in ActionStudents enrolled in social psychology created posters applying social psychological concepts to common issues facing tweens and teens. These posters doubled as Public Service Announcements (PSA’s) and addressed the issues of self-esteem, disappointment/rejection, academic pressure, drama and temptation.

Social psychological concepts represented in the posters included social comparisons, self-presentation, conformity and social identity.

Students also incorporated various persuasive techniques in an effort to reach their audience. These included the use of fear (stating potential consequences of certain behaviors), the use of the central route to persuasion (citing facts and statistics) and the use of the peripheral route to persuasion (using images of celebrities and other influencers).

These student-created PSA’s are now being displayed in the South San Francisco and San Bruno Libraries and will go on display next week at San Bruno’s Parkside Middle School.

Article by Jennifer Merrill

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