Chinese DignitariesOn Saturday, January 30, 2016, on the behalf of joint-sponsors, Eric Mar and Scott Wiener, of the Board of Supervisors for the City and County of San Francisco, History Professor James I. Wong presented Proclamations and Certificates of Honor to Professor Tan Jianxiang of the South China Normal University, School of Physical Education and Sports Science and China Sport Venue Association Research center, and to Master Liu Guoqi of the International Sports City, Guangzhou.  Both Professor Tan and Master Guo are vanguard representatives of the Beijing Government for the forthcoming Bilateral Sino-American Conference of Sports Exchange scheduled for May in Washington, D.C.  Professor Tan and Master Guo are noted experts in China in the field of qigong.  They were similarly acknowledged and honored by the California Legislative General Assembly.

Photo: From Left, Master Steve Fong, Grandmaster Tat-mau Wong, Professor Tan Jianxiang, Master Liu Guoqi, Professor James I. Wong, and Mr. John Warner, representing the California State Legislative General Assembly.

Article and Photo by James I. Wong