employer engagement eventStudents regularly request career information and job search assistance to expand their knowledge of the world of work. To better assist students with their academic and professional options, Career Services has been partnering with employers to offer participatory experiences where students interact face to face to inquire about professional growth and opportunity. In October, Career Services offered two innovative “Employer Host and Guest” engagement events so that students can increase contact with employers.

Early last month Career Services invited San Francisco Unified School District to a meet and greet on our campus. Students enjoyed the afternoon to casually chat with five recruiting representatives about the diverse career options available in the field of education ranging from psychologists, and speech therapists, to computer engineers. Full-time, part-time, and seasonal employment alternatives were shared with the attendees.

Later in the month, Career Services initiated a first time ever, district-wide joint employer visit. More than 30 Skyline College, College of San Mateo and Cañada College students, along with seven SMCCD Career Faculty and Staff members (Skyline College: Andrea Anyanwu, Lavinia Zanassi and Jose Milan, College of San Mateo: Autumn Newman, Cañada College: Robert Haick, Daryan Chan and Leticia Madrigal) were shuttled to SmithGroup JJR, an architectural firm in San Francisco, employing positions in accounting, graphic arts, IT, HR, office management and architectural design. Students were offered the royal treatment as they toured, dined, and heard about each department’s role and purpose. At the end of the day, students learned about numerous career, employment and internship options.

Both Career events were engaging and enlightening for students. Appreciative comments made by participants:

  • “Whoever knew that schools employ such a variety of majors other than teaching.”
  • “Hearing each story from various positions of an organization was truly inspiring and encouraging.”
  • “I was so motivated to hear that my major can be applied in so many ways.”

Interactive events empower students to see beyond academic concepts into the practical applications of their majors. Introducing Skyline College students to actual job options that can be both directly or indirectly connected to their college degrees serves as an on-ramp to a successful and productive life. Skyline College’s Career Services is enthusiastically looking forward to hosting more Employer Host and Guest events.

Article by Lavinia Zanassi and Daryan Chan | Photos by Jose Milan