Skyline ShineESL Reg Day April 2016 Photo

On Saturday, April 30, 2016, the English Language Institute hosted its bi-annual ESL Registration Event. The event welcomed 56 new ESL students. The attendees appreciated the step-by-step assistance with the Skyline College enrollment process all done in one day.

The concerted efforts of Skyline College staff and the multi-lingual student volunteers before and during the ESL Registration day contributed to the success of the event! Lauren Ford and her team led a timely Skyline College tour for 60 Jefferson adult school students three days before the event. Minerva Velasquez’s hard work with student applications paid off in generating student ID numbers for all the applicants. Counselors Kent Gomez and Kenny Gonzalez offered three engaging and informative orientations. Goldie Lee and Jacky Ip expertly managed the placement tests. Lesley Bode from Financial Aid and Guillermo Alonzo from EOPS made themselves available for the new students. The ELI student assistants and volunteers warmly welcomed and helped new students navigate the SSSP stations during the event. We are also grateful for Ana Castro, IT Technician and Roger Marcelo from Multimedia for the IT set-up and support.

A special thanks to the faculty of Jefferson and South San Francisco Adult School and counselors from South San Francisco & El Camino high school for their interest and commitment to build bridges between their schools and Skyline College throughout the school year.

Article and Photo by Mylene Foo