Jarrod RuffoThe Bay Area Entrepreneur Center (BAEC) on San Mateo Avenue now has nine tenants renting office space and receiving assistance with their small businesses. Jarod Ruffo with 5th Estate Virtual Vineyard, Inc. is a BAEC tenant focusing on virtual reality.  Have you ever wanted to explore the solar system but know it would take too long to get there? How about hanging out in a Tuscan Villa or flying a helicopter? If any of these are of interest to you, drop by the BAEC and take a tour in virtual reality.

Jarod Ruffo’s company creates content for the VR world in areas that will blow your mind. Here’s what he had to say about BAEC, “I really like it here – I’ve got room to explore my creativity and the staff is really helpful. I needed to find assistance in areas I’m not good at in order for my company to get off the ground and they’ve introduced me to lawyers and financial people.”

Jarod’s company not only benefits from BAEC but has helped to improve the services we’re able to provide to the community. Jarod was instrumental in asking Autodesk to provide the BAEC with free licenses for software that will assist students in learning 3D technology, in addition, he will be teaching the latest in 3D Technology at the BAEC too!

Anyone interested in the 3D world should inquire for more information.

If you are interested in learning how to create in virtual reality, or for more information on BAEC come visit the center at 458 San Mateo Avenue, call 650-825-6840 or visit the website at http://skylinebaec.org/.

Article and Photo by Catherine Fraser