Remembering Hate MemorialThe Middle College students at Skyline College participate in a class titled Student Life and Community Engagement, based on the social and emotional learning competencies and a social justice pedagogy. Through a variety of activities and projects lead by Martina Goodman and Laureen Mercer on Fridays with the senior class they are learning about themselves, their peers and the community around them.

During the month of November, the students learned about different people that lost their lives through hate crimes during their lifetime (2001-2018). The students’ engaged in conversation and were given the platform to talk about these crimes, the victims and how they can use their voice to be agents of change within their community and the world around them. The students showcased a variety of different pieces of art such as poetry, paintings, drawings and posters that honor and represent the victim’s lives that were lost and created a memorial in Building 2.

Please take time to visit the memorial “Remembering Those Hurt by Hate” in Building 2 on the third floor, right outside the Middle College lounge.

Article and Photo by Martina Goodman

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