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President’s Innovation Fund Request for Proposals 2019-2020

President's Innovation FundThe 2019-2020 President’s Innovation Fund Applications are now available. The applications are due to Theresa Tentes in the President’s Office by Monday, April 15, 2019 by 4:00 p.m. Do not miss this opportunity to realize your vision for these special programs, services and events!

To download the application, please visit the President’s Innovation Fund Website.

Article by Theresa Tentes

BAM Men-tor Mixer Event

BAM Mentor MixerOn November, 27, 2018, the Career and Workforce Program at Skyline College partnered with Brothers Achieving Milestones (BAM) to bring together 13 industry leaders where they provided expertise and valuable insight as they led candid conversations about race, overcoming barriers in the workforce and achieving career growth as a man of color.

Key leaders in industry engaged with over 20 male students of color involved in Skyline College’s Bam community.  BAM is a student initiative designed to aid, support and encourage males of color at Skyline College.

The Men-tor Mixer event, delivered an engaging experience with key industry leaders in companies such as PayPal, PG&E, Dell, Intel, Yahoo and BAE Systems. Leaders shared their personal experiences in a panel discussion and provided guidance in one-on-one conversations with BAM students. No topic was off-limits to discuss, with industry leaders, getting extremely personal, sharing that being a man of color can be both an advantage and disadvantage in the work world. Barr Stokes, an Engineering Leader at BAE Systems, shared, “being a man of color can be a disadvantage because many times, you are the only one in the room, all eyes are on you and you’re expected to succeed. However, remember that you can bring a unique perspective and take advantage of every opportunity to be at the table.”

A theme emerged as the leaders shared their varied experiences, that it is essential to be comfortable with being uncomfortable.  It is important to find your community, but not limit yourself, be open-minded, expand your perspective and build community with people different from you.

During the one-on-one conversations with the students, panelist were eager to share their business cards and to continue to support students at Skyline College. BAM students felt the event was incredibly impactful and are eager to collaborate with the mentors again. It was evident a genuine bond had been created between participating students and industry mentors.

The Career and Workforce Development team is excited to expand engagement in the Spring semester where they will organize continued mentorship events, company visits, internship opportunities and job placement partnerships.

Thank you to the Career and Workforce Team for their efforts in bringing together a remarkable mix of professionals and a class act event. Thank you to Michael Stokes, Director of BAM who leads the great work of facilitating partnerships that lead to BAM student’s personal development and leaderships skills, while enabling them to fulfill their educational goals and career goals and thank you to the incredible group of industry leaders who participated.

Article by Laura Dekelaita

Future Ready Conference for Skyline College Promise Scholars

Future Ready ConferenceOn November 13, close to 90 Skyline College Promise Scholar students participated in the Future Ready Conference, a three hour event introducing Skyline College students to Bay Area industry professionals, understanding local living wages and the importance of developing a professional first impression. At the event, the Center for Career and Workforce Programs set up “The Photo Shoppe”, a photo booth for students to take professional photographs to showcase on LinkedIn and to utilize across their digital profiles and resumes. This photo service will remain available at the Center for students to drop in during the academic year.

The welcome address by Andrea Vizenor, Director of the Career and Workforce Programs, introduced students to “The Power of the First Impression,” recognizing the importance of readiness to network in social, digital and interview settings. Then a short activity, led by the Job Placement Coordinators, guided students through developing their own personal “elevator pitch”, encouraging participants to be ready at all times to seize great networking opportunities.

The highlight of the event included a Q&A panel moderated by Ms. Vizenor of six Bay Area industry professionals offering career advice, tips and insight for students entering the work force. Panelists included:

  • Michael Aurelio, UX Designer & Skyline College Instructor
  • Laurel Moeslein, Program & Training Coordinator at SFO Airport
  • Sergio Moreno, Account Specialist at Microsoft (Alumni of Skyline College)
  • Stephen Redmond, Principal at Baden High School
  • Erin Robbins, Developer of Corporate Responsibility
  • Megan Wells, Freelance Writer at Credit Karma

The panelists inspired students with stories from their own educational and career experiences, advising students to be organized, maintain a great work ethic and have a willingness to learn and dress for success. While a range of industries were represented, a common theme presented itself– flexibility, hard work and self-discovery, played a critical role in panelists achieving success and meaningful careers. It was encouraged for students to focus on their strengths and be open to new opportunities. The event concluded with panelist joining students at each table for a more intimate and candid conversations.

The Future Ready Conference was the first of a series of career development experiences Skyline College Promise Scholars will participate in as they move through their educational journey and advance their academic and career preparation in pursuit of their dream job.

A special thank you to the Career and Workforce Team for all of their efforts to create a highly engaging and valuable event and to our industry partners for their meaningful contributions.

Article by Steven Lopez | Photo by Andrea Vizenor

International Education Week at Skyline College

International Education WeekOn November 13 – 16, 2018, Global Learning Programs and Services (GLPS) at Skyline College celebrated International Education Week (IEW), a joint initiative of the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Department of Education, which focuses on internationalizing college campuses across the country. IEW promotes programs that “prepare Americans for a global environment and attract future leaders from abroad to study, learn, and exchange experiences” (

GLPS hosted a variety of global events, kicked off by a welcome reception with the Consul General of France in San Francisco, Mr. Emmanuel Lebrun-Damiens. Mr. Lebrun-Damiens spoke of the importance of international education and exchange in a global society and congratulated Skyline College as one of only 10 U.S. institutions in 2018 selected by the Embassy of France in Washington, D.C. to receive a grant for the new Transatlantic Mobility Program. This program aims to strengthen the historic ties between the United States and France by diversifying and doubling the number of students from France and the United States studying abroad in both countries by 2025. The grant award is $18,000 to implement a new Study Abroad Program, Campus France, for Skyline College business students to transfer to the Rennes School of Business in France and complete their Bachelor’s degree.

In addition to the kickoff event with the Consul General of France, GLPS hosted a Study Abroad Fair, including a Global Internship Student Panel. During the panel, students who participated in the SMCCCD Global Internship Program last summer shared their experiences abroad in cities such as Cape Town, Hong Kong and Dublin. The Global Internship Program is a new program offered by the SMCCCD Study Abroad office, supported by the Skyline College President’s Innovation Fund (PIF) and the Strong Workforce Program. This program allows students to gain work experience in their field while immersing themselves in a new culture and building invaluable skills for their future careers.

Also planned for IEW were the International Food Festival and Fashion Show, hosted by the Skyline College International Student Program. However, due to campus closures during the Northern California Wildfires, the Food Festival and Fashion Show were cancelled but will return next November for International Education Week 2019.

San Mateo County Community College District (SMCCCD) Study Abroad is the district-wide study abroad program housed in the Global Learning Programs and Services Division at Skyline College. For more information about studying abroad, faculty teach abroad opportunities, visiting international faculty presenters and student scholarship opportunities, please contact Zaid Ghori at (650) 738-7088 or

Article by Stephanie Wells | Photo by Zaw Min Khant

Student Leadership and Equity Summit

Student Leadership and EquityOn Friday, November 30, 2018, Skyline College hosted the Inaugural Student Leadership and Equity Summit. Funded by the SMCCCD EEOC Diversity Grant and the Associated Students of Skyline College and in partnership with the TRiO Club and the Promise Scholars Program, the Summit was designed to create opportunities for SMCCCD student employees and leaders to examine the challenges encountered by individuals impacted through systemic inequity. The Summit was also designed to increase participants’ cultural awareness, social responsibility and connection through meaningful opportunities to interact with one another.

Working with their peers from Skyline College, the College of San Mateo and Cañada College participants had the opportunity to explore and learn various leadership tenets through the lens of equity and inclusion. After a stirring opening welcome by Dr. Regina Stanback Stroud, President of Skyline College, and keynote speech from Lasana Hotep, Dean of Student Equity and Support Programs, participants attended the following dynamic and engaging workshops sessions:

  • Strategies for Equity and Excellence in Leadership, Katrina Pantig, Program Services Coordinator, Student Equity and Support Programs, Skyline College
  • Mastering Cultural Communication and Difficult Conversations, Danielle Powell, Professor, Communications Department, Skyline College
  • Social Justice and Socially Conscious Change Leadership, Mustafa Popal, Assistant Professor, History Department, Skyline College

The Summit was masterfully closed by Dr. Jeremiah Sims, Director of Equity at San Mateo College. Students were highly engaged and excited about the information, networking, learning and engagement that occurred as seen in their overall conference evaluation. 144 students attended the Summit and gave it an overall rating of 3.8 out of 4 (where 4 was rated excellent, 3 was good, 2 was average and 1 was poor). Catalina O’Meany, participant in the Summit deftly recapped her experience by stating, “The summit taught me that equality is not always the solution but rather the awareness and provision of equitable service or instruction can provide more efficient results.” As reported by the participants, they are looking forward to continuing their participation in the Student Leadership and Equity Series in the spring through two follow-up events on February 2, 2019 and March 15, 2019.

Article by Amory Cariadus, Eric Imahara, Ellen Murray & Michael Stokes

BAM, Career and Workforce Program Mentor Mixer

Mentor MixerOn Tuesday, November 27, 2018 the Brothers Achieving Milestones (BAM) and Career and Workforce Programs hosted a Mentor Mixer with local and regional industry professionals. The theme of the mixer was “Navigating the Workplace and Career Strategies as a Male of Color.” Professionals representing the following companies held engaging conversations and interactions with BAM Skyline College students: Baden High School, BAE Systems, Dell EMC, Intel, McCalman Co., PayPal, PG&E, Oath (A Verizon Company) and XOOM.

The Mentor Mixer began with a panel of professionals ranging from software engineers, product risk analysts, creative directors, and a school principal discussing how they entered their professions and advising students on strategies and tips to help them prepare for their future professions. Moreover, they provided mentoring on how to advance once they entered their chosen professions. The panel presentations were followed by table talk where the professionals met with a table of students to personalize the discussion and share insight into how to prepare for their desired careers.  Issues regarding the types of credentials required for various jobs through networking opportunities were discussed in detail.  Students left the event motivated and assured that their futures were bright and they could accomplish their career goals.

BAM is very grateful for the work of the Andrea Vizenor and her team at the Career and Workforce Programs for collaborating with BAM and organizing this outstanding event.

Article and Photo by Michael Stokes

Sorry to Bother You Film Screening and Discussion with Filmmaker Boots Riley

Sorry to Bother YouOn October 18, 2018, Skyline College hosted a film screening and a discussion of the film, Sorry to Bother You (STBY) with Filmmaker Boots Riley and Hip-Hop Journalist and Professor David “Davey D” Cook. This program was sponsored by the Division of Student Equity and Support Programs, The Center for Career and Workforce Programs, and Changing the Face of Entrepreneurship. The program opened with remarks with Dean Lasana Hotep followed by Katrina Pantig, who introduced the guest speakers to the stage.

Sorry to Bother You (STBY) is a dark comedy that takes place in Oakland, California and it offers a critique of capitalism and racism in America. The film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and received positive reviews from media critics and audiences nationwide. STBY was Boots Riley’s directorial film debut for which he was nominated “Breakthrough Director” by the Gotham Independent Film Awards. Prior to directing, Boots Riley was the founding member and lead vocalist for the political hip hop group, The Coup. He also founded the Rap and Rock group, the Street Sweeper Social Club and led movements as a Community Organizer.

The program format consisted of a screening of four different film clips with discussion in between. Riley talked about how growing up in a socially and politically conscious household and exposure to drama, music, films and performances influenced his desire to pursue a degree in Film at San Francisco State University. His experience in the music industry and community organizing informed his vision and equipped him with skills necessary to produce a successful film.

Riley shared the importance of being able to be a visionary leader, collaborating with others and being prepared to oversee the creative process. Boots said, “Everything that you do whether it’s making a song, throwing a party, organizing an event, rally or a campaign—a lot of it has to do with working with people and getting across a shared vision and idea.”

Davey D and Boots Riley also engaged the audience in a question and answer segment and Riley was presented with an original art piece from student leaders. The main program was followed by a luncheon with students from the Changing the Face of Entrepreneurship Program, Student Equity and Support Programs and the CIPHER Learning Community. Melissa Matthews, Faculty Coordinator for the Disability Resource Center stated, “Sorry to Bother You made an impression on me when I saw it this summer. I appreciated Boots’ insights as an activist and a leader. I was inspired and it was a great opportunity for our students, the next generation of artists, leaders and activist here at Skyline to be inspired as well.”

Article by Katrina Pantig | Photo by Brittney Sneed

Skyline College Students Excel in the Internship Job Shadow Program

Internship Job Shadow ProgramOn Wednesday December 5, 2018, the Internship Job Shadow Program (IJSP) held a student recognition event to reflect on program learning experiences, recognize accomplishments of our student interns and to celebrate the end of the semester with a fun, “ugly” sweater workshop.

The Bay Area Entrepreneur Center of Skyline College (BAEC) is in its fourth year of serving students through the Internship Job Shadow Program. The fall cohort consisted of seven amazing student interns, all of whom shadowed under various programs across the campus. In addition to learning industry-related skills, the students completed and presented a team project where they set out to identify and solve problems in their world.

With support from Career and Workforce Programs, the BAEC provided this internship program for students to engage in a real-world career setting. This IJSP is a great way for students to benefit from hands-on career exploration while they pursue their education at Skyline College. The IJSP empowers students to define success for themselves. This program supports students in developing and enhancing the skills they will need to be successful, whether they decide to continue their education, contribute meaningfully to the workforce, pursue entrepreneurship as a career or all three!  We are excited to announce that one of our student interns, Peter Wang, has been offered a job because of his participation in the Internship Job Shadow Program this fall!

We are currently accepting applications for the spring 2018 academic semester.  The application can be found here: Please spread the word!

For more information on the Internship Job Shadow Program, contact, visit the website at, give us a call at (650) 738-7992 or come in for a tour, we are located at 458 San Mateo Ave, San Bruno, CA 94066.

Article by Terri Wade and Pcyeta Stroud | Photo by Ling Chien

Skyline College Journalism Program Success at the Journalism Association for Community Colleges NorCal Conference

Journalism Association for Community Colleges NorCal ConferenceThe Skyline View once again took home a series of awards from the Journalism Association of Community Colleges NorCal Conference held at San Joaquin Delta College in Stockton, CA on November 3, 2018. Most significantly, the staff clinched both a General Excellence in Online Journalism and a General Excellence in Print Journalism.

Of the contingent of 17—composed of students across the journalism department—several won either on-the-spot contest awards or mail-in publications awards. Current editor-in-chief, Simone Ledbetter, won fourth place for mail-in Feature Photo and first place for Environmental Portrait. Former and current photo editors Christian Magallanes and Mark David Magat shared an honorable mention for Photo Story—Essay, with Magat also taking home a fourth place in Critical Review and a third place in Sports Action Photo. Digital Editor Lauren Gozon received an honorable mention in News Story, while Copy Editor Olivia Bowman took a fourth place in Copy Editing. TSV staffer Carol High received an honorable mention for the same on-the-spot contest.

Beyond the contests and awards, the attendees were treated to a keynote address from StudioToBe founder Joaquin Alvarado, and numerous workshops in such topics as data journalism, social media, sports writing and internships. Students also had a chance to talk to representatives from several CSU journalism programs.

Article and Photo by Nancy Kaplan-Biegel

Middle College Students Remembering Those Hurt by Hate Memorial

Remembering Hate MemorialThe Middle College students at Skyline College participate in a class titled Student Life and Community Engagement, based on the social and emotional learning competencies and a social justice pedagogy. Through a variety of activities and projects lead by Martina Goodman and Laureen Mercer on Fridays with the senior class they are learning about themselves, their peers and the community around them.

During the month of November, the students learned about different people that lost their lives through hate crimes during their lifetime (2001-2018). The students’ engaged in conversation and were given the platform to talk about these crimes, the victims and how they can use their voice to be agents of change within their community and the world around them. The students showcased a variety of different pieces of art such as poetry, paintings, drawings and posters that honor and represent the victim’s lives that were lost and created a memorial in Building 2.

Please take time to visit the memorial “Remembering Those Hurt by Hate” in Building 2 on the third floor, right outside the Middle College lounge.

Article and Photo by Martina Goodman