Antiracism GuideThe Skyline College Library is pleased to present Antiracism: A Resource Guide, a collaborative community resource. The impetus for this guide was our collective response to the murder of George Floyd by police in Minneapolis in May. We recognized the need to educate ourselves and our community on the complex topic of racism against Black people in America and to show solidarity with those in our community–especially students and staff–who have been harmed by racist ideas, policies and practices.

This online guide curates, compiles and provides access to high quality resources for battling racial bias. While the primary audience for this guide is our students, we’ve also included resources for instructors, staff, and those of us who are actively parenting.

Guide content includes:

  • Terminology of racism
  • How to be an antiracist
  • Recommended reading lists
  • Faculty resource recommendations by Tamara Perkins, Nathan Jones, Jesse Raskin and Tasia Scott (Please contact the Library to include yours, too)
  • Media: podcasts, radio, film and television
  • Primary sources
  • Organizations and events
  • Teaching resources & resources for parents
  • A range of special topics: Activism & Sports, Black Lives Matter, The Crown Act, Gender & Feminism, Race & Criminal Justice, Racism against Asian-Americans during the 2020 Pandemic, and coming soon, Voting Rights and Voter Suppression.

As this new resource grows, we seek to continue authentic collaboration with the Skyline community. An easy way to provide feedback or suggest resources is to submit a Research Help Form. Please include any links to sources you’d like us to explore.

Thank you for being a key part of the Library’s active work to build racial justice.

Article by Jessica Silver-Sharp

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