Skyline Honors Students Present at Stanford

ON May 2, 2015 six Skyline College honors students presented at the 8th annual community College Honors Research Symposium at Stanford University.  Skyline College is well represented with two faculty members on the Conference Committee, Joyce Lee and John Ulloa. The students attended the talks as well as had the opportunity to have a tour of the Stanford campus. Faculty Luciana Castro and Kathleen Feinblum acted as moderators for the sessions.  Dean Donna Bestock participated as a judge for the Heslet Award.  Find more pictures and a schedule for the Bay Honors Research Symposium on Facebook.

Student Presentations:

  • Wafa Zeidan presented “Evaluation of the Antimicrobial Activity of Rhodiola rosea
  • Elizabeth Vo-Phami presented “Snails to the Rescue:  How Land Snail Eggs Could Help Stop Global Warming”
  • Marlon Gaytan Jr. Presented “Monsters Among Us: A literary Analysis of a Grotesque Social Paradigm”
  • Justin Tom Presented “Street Art:  The Last Frontier of Individualism”

joyce leeHonors Transfer Program Counselor Joyce Lee Receives “Honors Faculty of the Year” Award

Our own Joyce Lee was awarded the prestigious Honors Faculty of the Year Award by the Bay Honors Consortium. The BHC selected Joyce for her outstanding dedication, commitment, and service to Honors students at Skyline College and for her consistently solid contributions as a member of the BHC were Joyce serves as the organization’s treasurer.

HTP Graduates 30 Students This Year! 

We had a robust year of graduates this year, with many getting into UC Berkeley and UCLA.  Congratulations to all of our graduates!

HTP Implementing Plan for Increasing Program Diversity

John Ulloa, Skyline HTP Coordinator along with his counterparts, David Laderman from CSM and Jessica Kaven from Cañada College will present at this year’s National Collegiate Honors Council annual meeting in Chicago.  Their presentation is titled, “Reconciling Honors and Diversity at the Community College.”

Submitted by John Ulloa and Nick Kapp