On Thursday, September 3, 2020, new Faculty Coordinator Assistant Professor Janice Sapigao welcomed students to the Fall 2020 Honors Transfer Program (HTP). Others welcoming honors students included:

• Dr. Melissa Moreno, Skyline College President
• Danni Redding Lapuz, Dean of Social Science/Creative Arts
• Ryan Luong, Honors Club President

Attendees heard their inspiring educational journeys and personal research experience.

Honors students recognized former Faculty Coordinator, Professor John Ulloa. Their video thank you highlighted Professor Ulloa’s years of work as the HTP Faculty Coordinator, the support he provided honors students, and his firm belief that “Honors is for Everyone”.

Student attendees were also introduced to HTP Counselors Joyce Lee & Suzanne Poma and Transfer Center Counselor Lucy Jovel, met Honors Transfer Club Officers, and learned about campus Honor Societies from Professor Linda Whitten.

As the new HTP Faculty Coordinator, Assistant Professor Janice Sapigao will be working with faculty and HTP counselors to successfully transfer and graduate as many Honors students as possible.

Important Upcoming HTP date:  Friday, October 2, 2020 last day to submit an Honors contract for Fall 2020 courses.

Check the HTP webpage for more information, important dates, and future events.

Interested in joining the Honors Transfer Program? Complete the HTP Application available online for students to access and submit Honors Application.


Article by Chris Burwell-WooPhoto by MCPR

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