The College Governance Council met on Wednesday, January 27, 2016 from 2:10-4:00 pm, in Building 4, Room 4343.  In attendance was Jazmena Bannag, Eloisa Briones, Kate Browne, Angélica Garcia, Dylan O’Shea, Perkins, Regina Stanback Stroud, and Alana Utsumi.  Absent was Alexander Alpi, Stephen Fredericks, Michele Haggar, and Dennis Zheng.  Aaron McVean attended as a guest.


Approval of Minutes

The September 23, 2015, October 28, 2015 and December 3, 2015


September 23 (M/S/U – Utsumi/Perkins approved) Unanimously

October 28 (M/S/U – Garcia/Perkins approved) Unanimously

December 3 (M/S/U Browne/Utsumi approved) unanimously


Academic Senate Report

Academic Senate meetings regularly include visits and discussions with key administrators about the state of the College and issues for this year.

January meeting included

Discussions of:

  • Curriculum Development/Cross-campus consultation
  • BA/Respiratory Care update – Chancellors’ Office having a meeting tomorrow in Sacramento, creating courses
  • Faculty hiring committee recommendations
  • District Strategic Plan next steps
  • Opening Day/Skyline Promise

Actions on:

  • Faculty screening committee appointments
  • Evaluation committees for Comprehensive Tenured Faculty
  • CTE Liaison appointments


Reports from Academic Senate Standing Committees:

  • Curriculum: Will be discussing cross-campus consultation
  • Educational Policy: Welcome back to Nick Kapp, co-Chair [Fall schedule conflict]
  • Professional Personnel:  Amber Steele, Interim Chair, update on RSS Diversity Award & status for Fall PD applications
  • Research: Academic Senate President Browne will work with PRIE Director McVean to re-structure for 2016-17
  • SEEED: Vice President of Student Services Dr. Garcia is working on selection a representative

Spring Ahead Upcoming Plans:

February: Community/Corporate Education [Bissinger, 2/4], Professional Development [Perkins, 2/4], Strategic Plan & Budget [McVean & Raskin, 2/18]; Student Services & Equity Plan implementation [Garcia & L. Escobar, 2/18]; Museum of Tolerance faculty reports:  Danielle Powell and Paul Bollick

March:  3/3 cancelled/Flex Day; Online & Distance Ed, Canvas update [Paver & Bridgit, 3/17]

April: 4/21 cancelled/Spring Plenary

May: 5/19 final meeting ​


Classified Senate Report

The Classified Senate did not hold a December meeting, and has only met once in early January since our last update.  The Senate enjoyed an after-hours Winter Social on Thursday December 10th which had a really good number of people attend, and had the chance to relax, socialize, and share their lives with each other.

The January meeting was dedicated catching up on scheduling for 2016 and, thank you to a visit from Dean Aaron McVean, to understanding the revised Student Equity Plan and the many facets involved.  The Senate set a charge at the January meeting for individuals to not only come up with new fundraising ideas, but to volunteer to lead them.  As always, many great ideas come up, but without other people to take over the management of them, there is no one to follow through, so that is something we’re working on.

The Senate has also spent a lot of time discussing the use of Professional Development funds, and what opportunities are of the utmost importance.  Thank you to several meetings with Eloisa Briones, they have worked out a plan to set aside a specific number of spots for two events, outside of the dollar limit for each Classified Professional.  They are the annual Classified Leadership Institute held by the state classified senate, and NCORE, the National Conference on Race and Ethnicity.  This way, individuals can attend these important events, and still have the funds available to take part in job training opportunities.  First-time applicants will be able to enter their names in a random lottery in order to determine attendance.  Classified Senate is excited about this development, and the opportunity to take part in such important events regularly.​


Associated Student Body of Skyline College Report

​Over the break the Associated Students went to LA for our Spring Retreat.  The ASSC went to the Museum of Tolerance and did training on cultural competency and diversity awareness. The students also had the privilege to hear the life story of Betty Cohen, who is a Holocaust survivor. They are currently still working on a prayer room, lactation room, and food.

Upcoming Events

  • Lunar New Year Celebration

ASSC will be giving away lucky red envelopes with Asian treats in celebration of the New Year, yea of the monkey. There will also be a traditional kumquat tree activity for students to participate in.

  • Valentine’s Day

ASSC will assemble goody bags with education about safe sex, condoms, tic tac mints, and candy.

  • Black History Month

ASSC has invited Afia Walking Tree, percussionist and educator to perform for the students of Skyline College. ASSC will also collaborate with ASTEP and Black Student Union with several events during the Black History Month celebrations.

  • Women’s History Month
    • Voting booth in partnership with the ladies from AAUW in light of the 19th Amendment, women’s right to vote.
    • Model United Nations tabling for the United Nations campaign, HE FOR SHE, in raising awareness for gender equality.
    • Body Positivity, “I AM NOT MY BODY” creating the awareness in self love and acceptance. Goody bags with panty liners, tampons, chocolate, compact mirror, tea, and an inspirational note.
    • A Women’s Fair will be held in the Main Dining hall with Skyline Women Engineer club, Heartwrenchers, Public Safety, health center, and many more clubs and organizations in support of women’s history month.
    • Career panel with panelist from an array of backgrounds discussing how they have overcome adversity in male dominated workforce.
  • Sexual Assault Awareness
  • A Call to Coconsciousness Lecture Series

Jose Antonio Vargas, journalist and immigration activist is most recently known for his documentary on MTV, “White People” the discussion of white privilege in America.

  • Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

A Ukulele performance followed by a workshop for students in celebration of the Hawaiian culture.

  • Transportation

The student body is looking to have a shuttle between the sister campuses, Skyline College, College of San Mateo, and Canada College. This is to better students in commuting from campus to campus.

Student Fee – voted on a $12-15 range waiting for CSM and Canada to vote


Mission Vision Values Revision

Aaron McVean, Dean of PRIE, presented a revised Mission-Vision-Values (MVV) statement to the council. The college engages in a regular cycle of review of the MVV statement in order to ensure that it reflects the larger purpose of Skyline College, so that it can serve as a guide to other planning efforts.

The review of the MVV was initiated by the Institutional Effectiveness Committee (IEC), a sub-committee of the Strategic Planning and Allocation of Resources Committee (SPARC). Additional review and recommendation was sought from the Stewardship for Equal Employment, Equity, and Diversity (SEEED) Committee before the SPARC made its recommendation to the CGC for final consideration.

Eloisa Briones, Vice President of Administrative Services, recommended to add the wording Student Success and Equity … achieving their goals on time to the document.

(M/S/U amend this recommendation to include “on time” Briones/Perkins) Unanimously

(M/S/U recommendation as amended to the committee – Browne/Utsumi) Unanimously


Recommended Revisions to Skyline College’s MVV


The Institutional Effectiveness Committee (IEC) and Stewardship for Equal Employment, Equity, and Diversity (SEEED) Committee voted unanimously to recommend that the Strategic Planning and Allocation of Resources Committee (SPARC) advise the College Governance Council (CGC) to recommend that the President of Skyline College adopt the following additions to Skyline College’s Mission/ Vision/ Values.


Mission Statement

To empower and transform a global community of learners.


Vision Statement

Skyline College inspires a global and diverse community of learners to achieve intellectual, cultural, social, economic and personal fulfillment.


Values Statement

Education is the foundation of our democratic society. Thus:

Social Justice: We are committed to a comprehensive diversity framework that promotes social justice throughout all policies, procedures, and practices of the College.

Campus Climate: We value a campus-wide climate that reflects a ‘students first philosophy’ with mutual respect between all constituencies and appreciation for diversity. Both instruction and student services are dedicated to providing every student with an avenue to success.

Open Access: We are committed to the availability of quality educational programs and services for every member of our community regardless of level of preparation, socio-economic status, cultural, religious or ethnic background, or disability. We are committed to providing students with open access to programs and responsive student services both in person and online that enable them to advance steadily toward their goals.

Student Success and Equity: We value students’ success in achieving their goals, and strengthening their voices as they transform their lives through their educational experience. We aim to close gaps that result in inequitable outcomes by ensuring that each student has the opportunity to succeed.

Academic Excellence: We value excellence in all aspects of our mission as a comprehensive community college offering preparation for transfer to a baccalaureate institution, workforce and economic development through career technical education programs and certificates, Associate of Arts and Associate of Science degrees, a baccalaureate degree, basic skills development, and lifelong learning. We are committed to academic rigor and quality with relevant, recent, and evolving curricula and well-equipped programs that include new and emerging areas of study. We are dedicated to an educational climate that values creativity, innovation and freedom of intellectual exploration, discovery, thought, and exchange of ideas.

Community Connection: We value a deep engagement with the community we serve and our role as an academic and cultural center for community including business, industry, labor, non-profits, government and the arts. We are dedicated to maintaining a college culture and institutional climate that is warm and welcoming to all.

Participatory Governance: We value just, fair, inclusive, and well understood, transparent governance processes based upon open and honest communication.

Sustainability: We value an institutional culture that represents a strong commitment to environmental sustainability and justice. We are committed to the tenets of sustainability “To meet present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.”


(M/S/U to adjourn the meeting Bannag/ O’Shea)  Unanimously