student wearing Fair Trade ClothingStudents in Social Psychology (Psyc 300) have been working with Marta Cuellar in the Skyline College Bookstore to promote clothing made by Alta Gracia Apparel, a fair trade clothing company and the only apparel company in the developing world that is independently certified in paying a living wage.

Because they pay their employee’s a living wage, Alta Gracia clothing is more expensive than other clothing options in the Skyline College Bookstore. Since Spring 2014, when the collaboration between students and the Skyline College Bookstore began, students enrolled in Social Psychology have used concepts learned in class to market Alta Gracia clothing on campus. This has included developing a slogan (“Change Clothes, Change Lives”), choosing the clothing they would like sold in in the Skyline College Bookstore, and creating posters and flyers advertising Alta Gracia clothing.

The Skyline College Bookstore is currently offering 25% off Alta Gracia clothing. This sale will end May 6, 2016. Get yours today!

Article by Jennifer Merrill