Since Fall 2022, the Skyline College Learning Center has hosted a series of All-Hands Trainings in partnership with the STEM Center to support its team of student workers in cultivating strong, professional development skills. Through attending a year-long sequence of helpful workshops, academic Peer Tutors, Student Assistants, Peer Mentors, and Supplemental Instructors (SIs) were provided the opportunity to learn about various on-campus resources and services, and gain practical knowledge on how these Skyline College programs can best support their success and those of the students they serve.

Most recently, on Friday, April 21, 2023, both academic support centers welcomed Brittney Sneed and Derek Allenby from the Career Readiness & Job Placement Hub (a program within the Strategic Partnerships and Workforce Development Division (SPWD)) to provide their expertise on drafting effective resumes and cover letters, and offer useful recommendations for preparing for a job interview. During this workshop, students drafted 5-word “elevator pitches” that best marketed their professional skills and abilities, and spotlighted their individual talents and strengths. Students also engaged in career-related goal-setting, and developed short- and long-term timelines to help put their plans into action.

Earlier this semester, the Learning Center and STEM Center teams were graced by the presence of SparkPoint’s Flor López, who discussed the abundant network of resources offered by the program– from housing services and financial coaching to sustainable food connections and free, weekly groceries. Following an overview of services, López presented a compelling and relatable lesson on financial literacy, where students were able to exercise critical thinking and participate in fruitful, group discussions regarding credit building and smart money management.

In addition to exposing students to an array of Skyline College resources, both centers received coaching on how to engage in student-centered dialogue when providing peer support. In Fall 2022, Joshua Lindo from the Student Equity & Support Programs (SESP) Division educated students on how to identify and effectively address microaggressions. Committed to creating an equitable environment for all, the Learning Center also facilitates ongoing, professional development trainings focused on maintaining a safe and inclusive workplace, and provides regular coaching to its student leaders on how to foster a kind and supportive student community.

Through these trainings, the Learning Center aims to support its amazing team of student support professionals in building transferable job-related skills that will continue to serve them far beyond their employment and education at Skyline College. Furthermore, the Learning Center is passionate about providing an academic space that encourages whole-student growth, and is a program truly dedicated to exposing students to hands-on experiences and resources that support their lifelong success.

Article by Monique Ubungen | Photos by Monique Ubungen and Gavin Townsley

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