The CIPHER Hip Hop Learning Community hosted their 8th Annual Holiday Bling Vendors Fair and Block Party in collaboration with ASSC on Thursday, November 30. This event focused on student entrepreneurship, supporting local vendors, early holiday shopping and celebrating the 50th anniversary of Hip Hop. This event allowed students to connect with vendors and gain knowledge on entrepreneurship as well as raising funds for our Rock The School Bells Scholarship.

Along with the vendors fair, we had interactive Hip Hop workshops that focused on Turntablism, Emcee Creative Writing and Black Book Graffiti. Attendees were able to participate and learn more about several key elements of Hip Hop.

This lively event incorporated music, dancing and live performances. Our performers included two of Skyline’s very own students Kai Guingona and 650 Francis. We also had the privilege to have DJ Bitesize help us create an energetic atmosphere with her gift of DJing and Rhymosaurs with hyping up the crowd with his Emcee Freestyle abilities. Our event was able to serve food and light refreshments to our campus community sponsored by ASSC. In addition, Skyline’s Barbering, Esthetics and Cosmetology Program provided services which included line ups, braiding, hair styling and hand massages. Thank you all for making this year’s Holiday Bling amazing.

Below is a list of our featured vendors and their Instagrams/websites if you wish to support:
Rhymosaurs Coloring Books: @rhymosaurs (also found on Amazon)
SF City Crafts Candles: @sf.citycrafts
Mahika Made: @mahikamade
Loserphony Productions: @Loserphony
Raptee Mania!: @raptee.mania
Kaya Kind: @kaya_kind
Affiliated & CO:
San Fam: @sanfam
Toplux Shawarma: @toplux_treats
Nietos Photo: @nietos_photo

TheMosimaeffect: @mosimaeffect

FG Customs: @fgcustomshop
Sarahanndraws: @sarahanndraws @sarahannnime
Adabell Face Painting: @adalovebell
MixerFriendly Posters:
Rock The School Bells Refresh Merchandise:

We would like to thank our CIPHER planning team, ASSC, and Skyline’s Outreach/Counseling student ambassadors for helping create a phenomenal event. Additionally, we would not be able to hold this event without the continuous support from our Learning Communities, MCPR, Skyline Ceramics Club, Undocumented Community Center and our Barbering, Esthetics and Cosmetology Program. Special thanks to Marisa Thigpen for providing lovely succulents and an extended appreciation to our CIPHER student volunteers. We cannot wait to see you again next year – Happy Holidays!

Article written by: Alex Urbina
Photos by: Yesika Wong

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