Throughout the month, the Black Student Union (BSU) organized a series of events that not only honored the rich history and culture of the Black community but also fostered unity and celebration within the campus community. The festivities kicked off on February 6 with the highly anticipated Black Student Brunch hosted by the Umoja-ASTEP program. This event allowed students to unite in a welcoming and uplifting atmosphere, setting the tone for the month ahead.

On Valentine’s Day, the BSU continued the celebration with a “Celebration of Black Love,” featuring a screening of the iconic film Poetic Justice, offering a poignant exploration of love, resilience, and the Black experience. Highlighting the achievements and contributions of Black women, the BSU organized an inspiring event titled “Black Women in Medicine.” Attendees had the privilege of hearing from diverse professionals, including Pamela Simms-Mackey, Nicole Morris, and Asatu Hall, who are making significant strides in the medical field. Their stories served as a source of inspiration for all who

One of the standout events of the month was the inaugural BSU Fashion Show, held on February 22 in the Fireside Dining Room. Showcasing the talent of local fashion designer Patrice with Accessories By Patrice and highlighting our very own student designers, Global Society, who will sell their products during the Middle College Market day. The fashion show featured Black Student Union members as models, bringing to life various unique and culturally resonant fashion pieces. The event was a testament to the creativity and vibrancy within the Black community.

As February drew to a close, the BSU concluded its celebration with the 2nd annual Black History Block Party on February 28. This lively event brought together members of the Skyline College community to celebrate Black-owned businesses, enjoy music, and savor delicious food. It was a fitting conclusion to a
month filled with reflection, education, and celebration.

Skyline College’s BSU succeeded in creating a meaningful and inclusive celebration of Black History Month by offering a diverse range of events that highlighted the achievements, culture, and contributions of the Black community. The BSU fostered unity and appreciation among students and faculty alike. The spirit of celebration and empowerment ignited by the BSU will continue throughout the rest of the semester by holding intimate engagements and events to continue to create community and bonding amongst the students, staff, faculty, and administration on the Skyline College Campus. The Black Student Union at Skyline College is led by Ja’Lani Foster, President, and Mbalenhle Mahlangu, Vice President, with staff support by Martina Goodman, Alexa Moore, and Sha’Kuana Ona. The BSU would like to thank its members, the Umoja-ASTEP Program, Zaid Ghori, Tony Viertel, Kenyatta Weathersby, Brittney Sneed, Skyline College ASSC, Josh Porter, Sherri Wyatt, the Skyline College Cosmostolgy program and the Skyline College Facilities team for all of their help and support of the Black Student Union.

Article by: Martina Goodman
Photos by: Mbalenhle Mahlangu

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