BAEC is celebrating a graduation. Our very own Ling Chien graduated from San Jose State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration.

Ling has managed her BAEC duties and college student duties while being a student during a pandemic beautifully. However, graduating during a pandemic is a new experience for all students.

“It was interesting at first. I tried to get creative and find ways to make online learning more fun. For example, I built a fort and took classes in it. Or sit next to my roommates who are also taking classes while in class, so it felt like I was in a classroom. Gradually, when online learning went from one semester to two/three semesters, it started to get more stressful as requirements and standards became higher. This is when a physical planner became my best friend. I wrote everything down by the hour on school days, while juggling between two part-time jobs,” shared Ling.

Ling started with the BAEC in the Fall of 2017 as an intern and is now our Program Assistant. She has seen the BAEC grow and change these last few years. She has also learned valuable professional skills that she could take to her future roles.

“I found my path and interests in marketing and I love being creative. I like putting things together, it could be a workshop, a summit, an internship orientation, or a packet for our guests. It makes me feel accomplished to see ideas come to life. I learned that I am an efficient worker and get my tasks done fairly fast,” shared Ling.

Congratulations again to Ling Chien!

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Article by Nicole Moreno-Deinzer

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