The Associated Students of Skyline College held an impactful calendar of Women’s History Month events which incorporated 3 speakers series events with STEM and Businesswomen professionals from our own campus for the first speaker series which featured:

  • Soledad McCarthy Professor of Business, Hospitality, Tourism Management (HTM); Department Coordinator of – Business, Hospitality, Tourism and Business Computer Management
  • Herlene Grace Beltran Faculty/Professor BS International Business, BS Business Management
  • Emilie Hein Physics Professor

The ASSC continued the next day with a discussion panel which featured the Arts, Languages & Communication Society and Education Meta Majors which featured:

·         Rika Yonemura-Fabian Professor of Sociology

·         Pia Walawalkar Associate Professor and Outreach and Equity Librarian

·         Dr. Liza Marie Suyat Erpelo Professor, English and Coordinator, Kababayan Learning Community at Skyline College

On the 3rd and final day, the ASSC featured Executive Women in leadership which featured:

·         Michelle Batista Director of Student Support and Deputy Title IX Coordinator

·         Dr. Melissa Moreno, our very own Skyline College President

·         Andrea Vizenor Dean of Strategic Partnerships and Workforce Development

The speakers series was exceedingly eye opening and unsealed, a great chance for panelists to share their stories and experiences and a better chance for panel participants to learn from the women professionals on campus. The ASSC Women’s History Month also included a series of social media posts of women student professionals, former and current student council members sharing their stories.

If you’d like to learn more about the events, link to our padelt which includes informations of activities, resources and collaboration for the event, full video of the three day speaker series on our ASSC YouTube channel and social media posts links are attached below:

ASSC Women’s History Month Padlet:

Day 1:

Day 2:

Day 3:


Article by Felagot Desta, Center for Student Life & Leadership

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