The 55th Annual AIBD (American Institute of Building Designers) Building Design + Building Science Conference was held at Skyline College March 25 through 27, 2015

For the 2nd year in a row, AIBD California Society Conference and Skyline College hosted a dynamic and comprehensive conference for both Designers and Builders. This unique event focuses on the concept of Building Design ++ Operation of Energy Efficiency Diagnostic Tools == Integration of Building Design and Building Science.

Sessions and presenters included:

  • The Theory of Proportion in Architecture by Domiane Forte
  • Details from the Hammer and Hand Best Practices Manual by Sam Hagerman
  • An Overview of the Pumpkin Ridge Passive House by Sam Hagerman
  • Real World Air Sealing by Terry Nordbye
  • The Challenges of Attics and Crawlspaces by Terry Nordbye
  • Building Awareness Incorporating Basic Principles of Feng Shui into Design and Building by Laura Seidman
  • The Critical Importance of Air Infiltration by Andy Wahl
  • Low Carbon House Stinson Beach by James Bill
  • Passivworks Latest Passive House Inspired Project by Rick Milburn
  • Air Sealing Strategies and Experiments by Clay Johnson
  • Insulation Roundup by Rick Blumenthal
  • Keynote Speaker: Matt Christie of TRC Energy Services

Energy House LabTest House Skyline College without People 01

Skyline College “Hands-On” Test House. Located in Pacific Heights, Building 19, Room 129

San Francisco House Tour:

In Fall 2012, Dean Hernandez at Skyline College volunteered his home for students guided by faculty in the Energy Systems Technology Management Program (ESTM) to conduct an energy efficiency assessment as part of their academic coursework. Recommendations from this assessment were adopted, installed, and re-constructed to improve the home’s energy efficiency. At the same time, the living space was remodeled to make it more comfortable and useful. This was done in collaboration with ESTM faculty and community partners.

Attendance included building designers, architects, engineers, building contractors, subcontractors, energy consultants, trades and students.

Additional information:

  • American Institute of Building Designers:
  • Skyline College ESTM: Bruce Greenstein, Associate Professor/Lead, Energy Systems Technology, (650) 738-4487,
  • Clay Johnson, AIBD Conference Committee Chair, (707) 677-3684,
  • Peter Waring, Skyline College Instructor, AIBD Conference Manager, (415) 717-5697,

Article by Joan Connoly