Skyline College to Launch DREAM Center


A new student support center named the DREAM Center will open on February 1st, designed to be a “one-stop” resource and support center for students and community members seeking information about issues related to immigration, in response to student requests in the current climate. The Dream Center will be  located with the SparkPoint and Career Services Center in Building 1, offering a safe, caring place for students and providing personalized support in their educational journey, as well as for community members.

DREAM Center staff will create a welcoming environment, while students and community members navigate matters related to AB540 admissions, DACA, the California Dream Act, EOPS (Extended Opportunities Programs & Services), the BOG (Board of Governors) Fee Waiver, referrals to Assessment & Counseling, and the essentials of full matriculation at Skyline College. The Center will provide a centralized space that will partner with campus resources, community-based organizations, legal services and conduct various workshops connecting students to important college and community resources and providing relevant information to ensure student success in college. Additionally, the work of the DREAM Center will include professional development opportunities for campus faculty, staff, administrators, and students to be informed and prepared to be engaged in this work.

A group of students, staff, and faculty came together, guided by students’ requests to develop and shape the center. The work of this group was focused on making the center a robust and comprehensive resource center for students, their families, and community members to receive timely information and referrals to support their needs. A grand opening celebration will be held in late February.

Article by Cherie Colin

Professor to Serve as Commencement Speaker

Kinesiology professor, Mike Fitzgerald, has been asked by his son and 1993 Skyline College graduate, Principal Lucas Fitzgerald to be the commencement speaker at Pacific Lutheran High School this June. “It is a bit intimidating but a great honor to be the school’s comMike Fitzgeraldmencement speaker” said Coach Fitzgerald.

Lucas was an All-League baseball pitcher for Skyline College and went on to receive an athletic scholarship from Loyola Marymount University and a Master’s Degree from Concordia University in Reformation Theology.

Article by Mike Fitzgerald

EOPS/CARE and CalWORKs End of Year Celebration

EOPS Group Picture

On Friday, May 6, 2016 the EOPS/CARE and CalWORKs program held its annual End of the Year Celebration.  During the event, seventy-six EOPS/CARE and CalWORKs students were recognized for their academic accomplishments in graduating and/or transferring during the 2015-16 academic year.

Dr. Luis Escobar, Dean of Counseling and Advising kickedEOPS Staff  off the celebration with a motivational welcome.

Erica Bueso, Cindy Castillo, and David Martinez were the EOPS/CARE and CalWORKs student speakers this year. They addressed the audience with confidence and shared their stories of perseverance and how EOPS has positively impacted their educational journey. Furthermore, Lissette Murillo and Antonio Gomez Alvarez were recognized for having been awarded this year’s EOPS Scholarships.

EOPS/CARE and CalWORKs Graduates and Transfers received a Certificate of Completion along with an EOPS graduation stole.

During the event students and their guests also enjoyed a graduation-themed photo booth. The celebration concluded with a group photo to capture this moment of academic achievement; it really was a time to celebrate!

Article by Jessica Lopez | Photos by William Nacouzi

Web Development Workshop a Success

Everything You’ve Wanted to Know About Coding and Web Development (But Were Afraid to Ask!)

On Thursday, May 5, 2016, Career Services Center invited Brian Jenney, former Skyline College Career Services Resource Aid, currently employed as a Web Developer for Grocery Outlet Corporate Offices, to visit with a group of very interested students about his own transition into web development and the opportunities in the Bay Area. With over 5000 open positions for developers on alone, it can be a rewarding and lucrative field that is expected to grow even more in the future.

The computer tech inspired students learned the basics of creating a web page from HTML and CSS andBrian Jenney about several free resources they can access online, such as, Codepen, Brian Jenney 2W3 Schools, and Sublime Text.  This wealth of free information on the web is available to anyone who wants to learn the fundamentals of coding. Brian shared with the group how taking the initiative to research and supplement their existing knowledge can introduce students to cutting edge information. As we gain more awareness, our network of fellow techies can strengthen our skill set as much of Brian’s introductory knowledge was a result of interacting with the great community of developers online.

Students gained a better understanding of how code creates the webpages and apps they use, the job market for developers in the Bay Area and a closer look at how students can academically prepare while here at Skyline College to set the foundation for a possible future in this exciting and challenging field.

 Article by Brian Jenney and Lavinia Zanassi Photos by Nicholas Zuniga

Cultures Connect at Skyline College

The English Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) department launched a new program this semester aimed at connecting students across the campus. The Cultures Connect Program is simple: It partners students in ESOL courses with native English speaking students for informal conversation practice. Students can meet up at a time and place that is comfortable for them, usually on campus for about an hour a week. ESCultures ConnectOL students have an opportunity to practice their listening and speaking skills, learn about their partner and American culture. Native English speakers get to learn about the cultures of ESOL students, which spans over 20 countries! Additionally, students studying languages like Spanish or Arabic can arrange a language exchange for practice with a native speaker of the language they are studying.

Claudia and Claire (pictured) have been meeting every week this semester. They say it is easy, comfortable, and helpful. It doesn’t hur
t that their teachers offer extra credit for participating!

Consider participating next semester to expand your understanding of culture and language. You can go to the cultures connect webpage for more information, details, and to fill out an application.

Photo and Article by Meegan Rivera

Early Intervention Conference

Once again the Early Intervention conference put on by the ECE/EDU department here at Skyline College was a huge success!  Over 250 students attended the conference to learn about Behavior Management and Intervention Strategies when working with children.  The workshops were conducted by WestEd, which is a non-profit educational research organization.  Topics included, “Why is THAT Child in the Classroom?” and “Social Emotional Skill Predicts Success Later – Top 5 Things You Can Do Today”

ELI Conference 2Elaine Francisco, the conference coordinator and adjunct faculty, has been providing students, parents,and educators with workshops pertaining to working with young children with special needs, for the past eight years.  All in attendance receive a ELI Conference 1certification of participation which is valuable for educators in their ongoing professional growth.

Article and Photos by Kristina Brower

Joint Division Meeting: An Opportunity for Dialogue about the Skyline College Promise

On Friday, April 15, a Joint Division Meeting was held to engage faculty divisions in discussion about key components of the Skyline ColJointDivisionMeetinglege Promise. The event kicked off with a welcome from Skyline College President Dr. Regina Stanback Stroud who provided an introduction and her perspective on what the Skyline College Promise will mean to our college as we work to ensure more students “Get in. Get through. Get out…on time!”

Dr. Angélica Garcia, VP of Student Services, and Regina Morrison, Director of Financial Aid, presented on the Skyline College Promise Scholarship Program, which will assist in removing financial barriers to persistence and completion by covering all student fees for the first year of enrollment. The Promise Scholarship will be available to high school graduates and students who recently completed their GED or Adult Education program after December 1, 2015 and who enroll at Skyline College full-time with plans to earn a certificate or degree.

Dr. Luis Escobar, Interim Dean of Counseling, along with TRiO Director Michael Stokes presented on exciting forthcoming changes to our high scJointDivisionMeeting2hool programs and partnerships, including the Skyline College Summer Scholars Institute launching this summer. Designed to ensure more recent high school graduates and GED recipients are prepared to succeed in transitioning to Skyline College and placing into transfer-level courses, the program will provide the opportunity to enroll in a college-level course on career and life planning, attend brush-up workshops in math and English, receive priority registration, and more. Summer Scholars Institute completers who submit a Skyline College Promise Scholarship application will also become Skyline College Scholarship recipients.

Dean of Language Arts, Mary Gutierrez, and D
ean of Planning, Research, and Institutional Effectiveness, Aaron D. McVean, introduced meta-majors and guided pathways, followed by presentations from the Career Ladders Project (CLP) on effective models of guided pathways and early college credit from community colleges across the country. The event concluded with five faculty-led break-out discussion sessions, at which participants engaged in a more focused and intimate conversation about their own experiences with guided pathways, their concerns, its potential benefits, the impact it may have on their work, and their questions moving forward.

This initial meeting is being followed up with additional opportunities for campus community engagement, including the formation of a steering committee and work teams that will collaborate to guide the design and implementation of the components of the Skyline College Promise.

Click here for additional information about the Skyline College Promise.

Article by Aaron D. McVean

Literacy Intervention Project Award Ceremony

Recognition for a special group of elementary and college students took place in the Skyline College Theater on May 5, 2016. ThReading Partners Picture 2e Skyline College Literacy Intervention Community Partnership (SCLICP), made possible through a President’s Innovation Fund grant from the President’s Council, hel d their end of year celebration to bring together educators, parents, tutors, and students.  On that day, the partnership celebrated the year’s accomplishments, but more importantly, also came together to once again confirm that what drives learning is curiosity and collaboration.

The project, initiated three years ago through Career Services Center brought together Skyline College students in service to their community with Los Cerritos Elementary School children and Reading Partners, a program that mobilizes communities to provide students with individualized literacy support to read at grade level by fourth grade. The concept allows Skyline College students to test out career aspirations all the while, making a difference in their community by directly impacting children’s educational success. The school children who visited Skyline College to receive recognition of their accomplishments may very well be our enrollees in the decade to come.

Since 2013, this three-way partnership has impacted scores of students comprising over 160 tutors and equally as many studentsReading Partners Picture who were tutored. They all come to volunteer for one reason…to become a partner in a very important relationship. One that creates a bond and mutual respect which in turn, brings about the most organic aspects of collaboration. Doing good, feels good…both in the sense of volunteering and learning to read and it is important to note this goodness, curiosity, and collaboration.

One idea, one tutor, and one child can indeed launch infinite possibilities. We saluted 52 of the most extraordinary of those possibilities on our campus and it was a day the students will long remember.


Article by Lavinia Zanassi | Photos by Alexandra Kaplan

Software Licenses Grant Awarded

The Disability Resource Center and the Veterans Resource Center received a one year grant of 100 Sonocent Audio Notetaker licenses. Skyline College was one of fifty California Community Colleges awarded this grant, worth over $5,000. Sonocent Audio Notetaker is “award-winning studDRC VRC Sonocenty and productivity tool that makes it easy to work with audio recordings.” The tool helps to increase comprehension of lectures and helps students organize their notes.

Disability Resource Center’s Assistive Technology Specialist, Judy Lariviere and Veterans’ Program Services Coordinator, Gina Ciardella will be attending a training on Sonocent Audio Notetaker at the High-Tech Center Training Unit, a training center for Assistive Technology and Alternate Media.

The Disability Resource Center and the Veterans Resource Center will begin distributing the licenses in the coming semesters to students with accommodations for audio recording lectures and/or Veterans who have an interest in using the software.

Article by Melissa Matthews

Library’s Book Spine Poetry Contest winners!

In celebration of National Poetry Month in April, the Skyline College Library hosted the first Book Spine Poetry Contest. Applicants selected and stacked books to create their own inventive and expressive poem for a chance to win gift cards donated by the Skyline College Bookstore.Rebecca Campos

The prize winning poet for a $25 gift card was student Rebecca Campos for her poem using book titles from the Skyline College Library’s US History collection:

Integration Nation

A Nation of Nations

Divided by Boarders

Sharing the Dream

To Be an American

Second place and winner of a $15 gift card was student Queenie Gultia for her poem:

Don’t Breathe a Word

Fragile Things

In the Dark

Things You Won’t Say

Sworn to Silence

Into the Unknown

There was a third place tie for students Kaonhou Her and Laura Burkhardt, each winning a $10 gift card, for their poems.

The Library would like to thank all of the applicants who submitted and celebrated National Poetry Month by participating in this year’s contest, as well as congratulating the winners on their creative submissions!

Article by Kristen Lee | Photo by Rebecca Campos