In celebration of National Poetry Month in April, the Skyline College Library hosted the first Book Spine Poetry Contest. Applicants selected and stacked books to create their own inventive and expressive poem for a chance to win gift cards donated by the Skyline College Bookstore.Rebecca Campos

The prize winning poet for a $25 gift card was student Rebecca Campos for her poem using book titles from the Skyline College Library’s US History collection:

Integration Nation

A Nation of Nations

Divided by Boarders

Sharing the Dream

To Be an American

Second place and winner of a $15 gift card was student Queenie Gultia for her poem:

Don’t Breathe a Word

Fragile Things

In the Dark

Things You Won’t Say

Sworn to Silence

Into the Unknown

There was a third place tie for students Kaonhou Her and Laura Burkhardt, each winning a $10 gift card, for their poems.

The Library would like to thank all of the applicants who submitted and celebrated National Poetry Month by participating in this year’s contest, as well as congratulating the winners on their creative submissions!

Article by Kristen Lee | Photo by Rebecca Campos