The English Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) department launched a new program this semester aimed at connecting students across the campus. The Cultures Connect Program is simple: It partners students in ESOL courses with native English speaking students for informal conversation practice. Students can meet up at a time and place that is comfortable for them, usually on campus for about an hour a week. ESCultures ConnectOL students have an opportunity to practice their listening and speaking skills, learn about their partner and American culture. Native English speakers get to learn about the cultures of ESOL students, which spans over 20 countries! Additionally, students studying languages like Spanish or Arabic can arrange a language exchange for practice with a native speaker of the language they are studying.

Claudia and Claire (pictured) have been meeting every week this semester. They say it is easy, comfortable, and helpful. It doesn’t hur
t that their teachers offer extra credit for participating!

Consider participating next semester to expand your understanding of culture and language. You can go to the cultures connect webpage for more information, details, and to fill out an application.

Photo and Article by Meegan Rivera