A new student support center named the DREAM Center will open on February 1st, designed to be a “one-stop” resource and support center for students and community members seeking information about issues related to immigration, in response to student requests in the current climate. The Dream Center will be  located with the SparkPoint and Career Services Center in Building 1, offering a safe, caring place for students and providing personalized support in their educational journey, as well as for community members.

DREAM Center staff will create a welcoming environment, while students and community members navigate matters related to AB540 admissions, DACA, the California Dream Act, EOPS (Extended Opportunities Programs & Services), the BOG (Board of Governors) Fee Waiver, referrals to Assessment & Counseling, and the essentials of full matriculation at Skyline College. The Center will provide a centralized space that will partner with campus resources, community-based organizations, legal services and conduct various workshops connecting students to important college and community resources and providing relevant information to ensure student success in college. Additionally, the work of the DREAM Center will include professional development opportunities for campus faculty, staff, administrators, and students to be informed and prepared to be engaged in this work.

A group of students, staff, and faculty came together, guided by students’ requests to develop and shape the center. The work of this group was focused on making the center a robust and comprehensive resource center for students, their families, and community members to receive timely information and referrals to support their needs. A grand opening celebration will be held in late February.

Article by Cherie Colin