west coast chapter drug association mixerOn January 16, 2020, SF Bay PDA Student Chapter (SFPDASC) of the West Coast Chapter of the Peritoneal Drug Association hosted a fun activity of sauerkraut fermentation. The PDA is a national organization that many Bay Area biotechnology professionals belong to. The PDA has a 65-year history of connecting people, science and regulation.

During this meeting the students got to meet and interact with local engineers, finance and project managers from companies big and small. This event resulted in delicious sauerkraut as well as connections and a work date to find industry sponsors of the student club events. You can learn more about these events at here. Remember it is not all about what you learn in class but also the connections you make.

(Pictured from left to right: Julio Catalan, Pricsilla Sanchez, Fabio De Martino, Tram Lu, Catherine Capitana, Nick Kapp, Maria D’Aguilar) 

Article and Photo by Nick Kapp

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