1112The TRiO Student Support Service (SSS) provides a variety of services to students at Skyline College, one of which is math tutoring.  If you’ve ever been to The Learning Center then you’ve probably seen the TRiO tutors Eugene Garcia and Celia Pender hard at work making sure that TRiO students get the help they need in order to be successful in their math classes.  TRiO tutors help students in a wide variety of math subjects, ranging from algebra to calculus and especially statistics.  About forty-one percent of TRiO students using the math tutoring are Science Technology Engineer and Math (STEM) majors.  The students are also working hard, with each TRiO student spending an average of twenty hours per semester receiving services.  Recently, Extended Opportunity Program Services (EOPS) has joined with TRiO by allowing students from EOPS to receive services from the TRiO Math tutors, so our tutors are busier than ever helping others to succeed in math.

If you think that you might qualify for TRiO SSS, you can apply either on our website (https://www.skylinecollege.edu/trio/application.php)  or in person at The Learning Center.  Make sure to ask for Judith Cheung.  If accepted to the program, your needs will be assessed and you can get started right away!

Article by Ching-Yi (Miranda) Wang